Nicole from PA (massage class)

An amazing way to bond with your baby when they aren’t ready to engage with you yet! I loved being able to connect with him and be able to relax him before bed. I like that my husband and I have something we can do together or apart that is consistent with our bedtime routine. This class is a must for any new first-time Mom, lots of info, open discussion, and a great way to bond with your baby!

Michelle from PA (massage class)

I just finished taking the first infant massage series with Ronee Welch and it was a wonderful hour for babies and bonding with other mamas. Highly recommend it!

Hayley from PA (massage class)

I highly recommend this class to all parents with little ones! Ronee is extremely knowledgeable on all of the subject matter, and is great at applying both this knowledge and her experiences into the class in a hands on way. Learning the massage techniques has created a great way to bond with my 3 month old! She absolutely loves it and her sleep habits have already changed for the better! She provides extra information, such as reading behavioral cues, which has been extremely helpful! She is also great at providing a relaxed atmosphere, where moms are comfortable to nurse, while at the same time staying professional and on track with continuing the class! We were sad it had to end!

Mary from PA (massage)

I loved this class! 1st It’s the only class I had seen where i could take my child under 6 months. For me i am away from all family it was so nice to be able to ask questions and get answers from moms in a group. But the best part was massaging my baby, i have to bottle feed and though for us that is a time for bonding to be able to touch him and bond this way with him is truly special. I get to look into his eyes and comfort him in a new way. It also has taught me to calm down, relax and breathe during this time too.