Kelsey from Pennsylvania

I purchased the DIY package for newborns to see if I could help my 5 week old son sleep without needing me. I wasn’t sure how it was going to work since I already read a lot of info online, but it really did help! Ronee answered the questions I had, which was a huge relief! I learned a lot of great info and was able to follow the plan easily and with no real crying from my son. I took my time and helped him to develop ways to fall asleep without me or anything else. It worked well, and I’m happy I bought it!

Jen from Tennessee

I bought the Do It Yourself package for my 3 year old daughter who was waking and coming into my bedroom at all hours of the night. After the reading the program, I made some changes and started the plan. It was a struggle right in the beginning, because she is a strong-willed child but I kept going! I am so thankful for the support that Ronee gave me. I used the free email within the first 2 days of starting the program, so I ended up buying additional support. It was the best money ever spent! Ronee was able to listen to my concerns and give me things I could do to help my daughter immediately. My daughter still fought me but I had answers and I felt confident about them! Now she is sleeping in her own bed all night long and we are ALL much happier for it!

Marcy from Delaware

I recently bought the Do It Yourself package from Sleeptastic Solutions and am thrilled that I did! I was looking for a program that I could do myself since I had 2 kids not sleeping well and couldn’t afford personalized help for both. After comparing a few I choose this one mainly because of the email that I would be able to use when I ran into trouble. It made me feel so good knowing that I had someone to ask questions to! I thought the book was very thorough and gave me a lot of great things to try with my kids, which is good because what worked for one didn’t work for the other one! In the end I was able to have my children sleeping through the night, which means that I am now too. We are happy family once again – thank you!