Kristie from Maryland

I tried everything to get my now 9 month old to sleep more. I was tired, my husband was tired, the baby was tired, even the dog was tired. My baby is now sleeping 11-12 hours a night. I am so glad Ronee found me and fixed our issues when I was starting to believe that so little sleep would just be a part of life. She worked around our schedule and answers questions specifically and timely. I encourage anyone having a sleep issue or breastfeeding issue to talk to Ronee. Do not feel guilty about wanting better sleep for your family! Even if you feel like you are doing everything right and can’t figure out the problem, Ronee will help you smooth out the wrinkles. Ronee saved us!

Ashley from Pennsylvania (10mo old)

Sleeptastic Solutions changed our lives. Our sweet 10 month old daughter was in the habit of nursing to sleep and would also wake many times in the night, needing to nurse back to sleep. After trying some sleep training methods on our own with no success, we had just accepted this as part of having an infant. We were amazed when after 2 nights of Sleeptastic Solutions our daughter slept in her own room for 12 hours straight without a peep. Commitment to our sleep plan has created an environment for her where she can get the rest she needs and wake each morning happy and energized. Needless, to say we are also beyond happy and energized!

Shari from California

Ronee helped my husband and I to get our baby on a healthy sleep schedule. We contacted her when we needed guidance in ironing out some tough spots while sleep training. Ronee was so thorough in giving her advice. She knew exactly what to say to assert what needed to be done, while also being supportive and respectful of our situation. She clearly knows this stuff as everything she suggested worked. Our baby is sleeping soooo much better and we finally have some routine and balance in our lives. Ronee was extremely professional, caring and knowledgeable and I’d recommend her to anyone who wants a happier baby!

Maria from Pennsylvania

We loved working with Ronee! Our son Matthew was 10mos old when we first reached out to her. We had been struggling with his sleeping since about 6mos old. Matthew would wake up anywhere from 6-13x a night! I had read many books and tried a variety of strategies, but I felt like nothing was working. Ronee was able to create a plan and support us through it. I’m not gonna lie, it was definitely tough… But it was so worth it! Now Matthew sleeps through the night for about 10-11hrs straight! He’s happier and well rested… And so are we!
~Maria, PA

Alex from South Carolina

This testimonial is from a mom named Alex from South Carolina.  Alex volunteered to be the recipient of a free consultation by me for writer Carly Bellard’s health and wellness blog called “The Puzzled Palate”.  After using the program for 10 days, Alex provided her story exclusively to Carly for posting onto her blog.  This story is based upon Alex’s personal experience, and no one was paid for this heartfelt, funny, and honest review.  The following is just an excerpt from her story, so if you want to read the entire thing (which I highly recommend), please click HERE to be redirected to The Puzzled Palate website!

“..So, here we are. Ten nights deep with no rocking. I’d like to thank our sponsor, Ronee, from Sleeptastic Solutions. Maybe it’s odd I’m comparing our sleep dilemma to a drug addiction. I’m slowly realizing that as I write. But, it’s also making a lot of sense. So stick with me here. At first I felt odd about enlisting the help of a Sleep Counselor, but we had already admitted that we had a problem. The next step is to get help. I was really relieved to read on Ronee’s Sleeptastic Solution website that it’s about customizing a plan for the parents and child. Self-soothing would be involved, but it could be approached differently. I was also relieved to have Ronee offer a 9 PM phone session, so my husband and I could chat together, uninterrupted. Our phone session started out with the rundown: Nugget basics and routine, what we’ve tried before, and where we are derailing. I waited for Ronee to tell us it was too late. We’ve ruined him. Best of luck. Luckily for us, 17-months does not qualify as a lost cause.While she congratulated us on already having a basic routine, the next steps would be harder. He had to learn to put himself to bed. And she knew how to help us in a non-traumatic way.”


~Alex from South Carolina

Demi from Pennsylvania (5mo old)

My baby Vinny sleeps so much better for naps now! He was a complete swing addict but with patience and consistency he weaned off the swing completely and now does all naps and night sleep in his crib! Ronee knows the inns and outs of sleep! Highly recommend!

Meghan from Tennessee

I have twin girls that are 17 months old and hardly slept! One wouldn’t sleep unless she was in bed with us, and the other would sleep in her bed till around 2ish then wanted in bed with us. I really was skeptical to go purchase a package for sleep training. I questioned myself so many times after I purchased the package, and all the way up to the day we started putting the new schedule into action. It was no where near as hard as I expected! Don’t get me wrong, my baby girls were not happy about the new schedule and routine. One twin took to it fast though. Within the first couple days she was sleeping all night. The other one on the other hand tried everything she could to get us to cave. It was hard, not to cave! We stuck to it, and oh my am I happy and jumping for joy that we did! My girls have slept all night from 8pm to 7am for the last week. I hear them occasionally on the monitor now when they wake up, but they don’t even cry anymore they rustle around for a second and go right back to sleep. Never did I think that I would be able to go lay these girls down in their crib and them go to sleep without me in the room, holding them, and rocking them!


~Meghan, TN

Alisyn from Florida

I decided to call Ronee when I finished reading yet another “sleep” book. Each book, blog, support group, peer and yes…even strangers’ advice ALL contradicted each other. The difference in opinions and styles of sleep training had me completely confused if and where to begin this crazy journey. I knew I needed someone who was going to walk me step by step through the process and help me as difficulties came up. I knew I also needed someone who was going to be patient and kind and who was going to listen to me. Ronee was all that and more! I loved the fact that she has a background in infant/child development and is a certified lactation specialist. Ronee helped easily guide me through this thing called “sleep training”. It was huge knowing she was just a phone call or text message away. She helped give me the confidence needed to assist my baby girl to get the sleep she was lacking. Since Ronee’s help I have gained my nights back to get things done and spend time with my husband! I can now officially say that my daughter is a wonderful sleeper!!! She has been so happy now that she is getting the sleep she needs! I will definitely be reaching out to Ronee as things come up in the future. If you have been thinking about using Ronee as your Sleep Consultant…Just Do It! It will change your life for the better! I promise!

Sage from Pennsylvania

Isn’t it funny how we, as parents, focus on our baby’s sleep? Other parents ask us if our baby is a good sleeper; we read books about positive sleep habits; we invest in items like swings, bouncers, and rockers to help our little one sleep; and, we know that, when our baby is cranky and crying, it is often because she is over-tired. However, for as much as we care about our baby’s sleep and pay attention to our baby’s sleep, we fail to do so for ourselves. Why is this?! We, as parents, realize that our children are cranky, tired, and more likely to get sick when they are not getting enough sleep; yet, we fail to make the same association for ourselves and we fail at making sure we get enough sleep. After a full year of feeling run-down, tired, and honestly a little sad, I finally said, “Enough is enough. I NEED sleep. I cannot get through one more week without it.”

My daughter was 12 months old, she was still nursing every 1-2 hours at night (and during the day), she would only sleep in her swing or in bed with me, AND I had a three year old to take care of during the day. Let’s talk about insanity! After interviewing a couple sleep consultants (and reading reviews like this), my husband and I decided to give Ronee’s Sleeptastic services a try. Well, guess what? It’s been two weeks and my daughter now goes to bed around the same time every night, sleeps for 11-12 hours straight in her crib without so much as a peep, and takes regular, long naps! Even better? I am no longer trapped in the house every night by my darling breastfeeding baby; my husband and I have started going on dates again! Believe me- staying in and going to bed to sleep all night long with no interruptions is also a glorious feeling! Dear mother or father who is reading this, stop putting yourself last. You really do deserve sleep, too; and, you truly will feel like a brand-new, happier, energized person when you get it. The best part is- it’s achievable. You would hire a personal trainer if you were struggling to meet your fitness goals, right? It’s time to hire a sleep consultant to meet your sleep goals. Your baby will thank you for it, too; a full night’s sleep feels good to EVERYONE. One more thing- I believe in attachment parenting. This is probably why I waited a whole year to contact Ronee; I was so afraid of letting my baby cry and had heard horror stories about the damages of sleep training.

Sleeptastic Solutions is NOT the type of sleep training one needs to fear. Our sleep plan actually involved us comforting our daughter every step of the way through presence, touch, and verbal reassurance. Yes, there was a little bit of crying; but, parenting comes with crying- my daughter also cries when she receives vaccinations, when I am tending to her older brother and cannot pick her up that exact moment, and even when I am changing her diaper at times. I am not going to stop doing all of these healthy and normal things because she cries. Do not let the fear of a little crying prevent you from seeking out a wonderful resource to help your family have better nights and, consequently, better days! Ronee is just amazing at what she does. She is confident, well-spoken, organized, kind, helpful, and truly cares about the well-being of your child. I recommend her a thousand times over to anyone struggling because their child is not sleeping. In fact, my husband calls Ronee’s sleep services the “best money he has ever spent”. Call and make a consultation today; thank me later!


~Sage, PA

Monea from Pennsylvania

“About 3 weeks ago, I wiped my tears of frustration and fatigue long enough to search the internet for a sleep consultant.  Our girl is 10 months old.  We attempted sleep training on our own by purchasing “The Sleep Sense Program,” when she was 6 months old.  It was semi-successful because it got her out of our bed (we co-slept for 6 months) and it helped us establish an early bedtime and routine but after 4 months of travel, family visits, colds, teething, and many other transitions, we needed help.  Our daughter would only be nursed or rocked to sleep.  This worked for a while but gradually it no longer worked.  I’d nurse her and as soon as I put her in her crib, she’d cry and would not go back to sleep until she was in my arms again.  My husband would rock her to sleep and that worked for a while but eventually the night-wakings increased, the daytime naps diminished and we were left with a tired, cranky girl and tired parents.  I used to feel so anxious before I went to bed at night because I never knew what to expect.  My husband and I would joke that it was best to just stay up all night because our girl would certainly be up every hour or two.  Even worse, we were running out of ways to get her to go back to sleep…other than me nursing her all night.  As new parents, everyone told us that we just wouldn’t get sleep so just accept it or that she would eventually outgrow it.  I was not convinced.  I told myself before I just accept a chronically tired family and all the frustration that comes along with it, I was going to try one more thing- a sleep consultant.  I had no idea how much it would cost us or what was involved but it didn’t matter to me.  I knew there had to be a better way to live and enjoy our precious girl.  I found Ronee Welch from a random Google search.  I selected her because she was affiliated with the Sleep Sense Program, which we were familiar with and she lived in our state (although that is not required because worked with her remotely via phone, e-mail, and texts.)  She called me back the same day.  During our first conversation, I felt better simply because she heard me. She understood what was happening and was confident that we could work together to fix it.  I was sold.

That week, we completed the preliminary paper work and started the program the following Friday.  We wanted to start right away.  Some may wonder why we would pay someone when we could follow the book ourselves.  To us, Ronee’s guidance has had many benefits.  First, she held us accountable.  Our baby was not the only one who needed to be trained..we did too. We had to be consistent and stick to the plan.  Having regular phone calls with Ronee (and she always called on time) made us accountable and consistent.  Another advantage of having Ronee was that it put us (my husband and I) on the same page because we heard the information together.  When we did sleep training the first time, I read the book and he took instructions from me, which was ineffective over time because it was based on my interpretation and his implementation.  Ronee also gave us instructions when a situation didn’t fit the script.  The book is great under the perfect circumstances but we were lost when something happened that the book didn’t address.  Ronee was able to troubleshoot any situation even via text or e-mail.  During the 10 day program, I would text her and tell her what happened and she’d give me advice, on the spot.  This was very valuable.  In just 2 weeks, we are all happier and healthier.  The night wakings went away after 3 nights in the program.  Our girl sleeps for 12-13 hours at night and has 2 naps per day. She wakes up smiling and playing.  I was worried about her crying and she no longer cries at night.  When I walk up to the crib at night, she literally leans her body towards it to get in…I still deem it a miracle.  I’ve taken so many pictures of her sleep because I am so amazed.

As for the parents, we have started dating again (yay). Since she’s in bed by 7pm, we’ve been able to hire a sitter for a few hours while we have an outing.  I’ve resumed daily exercise and yoga which I love but did not seem appealing when I was extremely tired.  I could barely drive because I was tired.  My husband has more energy at work and has no more need for Red Bulls.  He travels and drives a lot so sleep is a necessity, not a luxury.  Last but not least,  working with Ronee has made us more confident parents.  The day care that our girl attended was not supportive of her sleep and we had the confidence to remove her from there and bring her back home.  We have also made tough decisions around family events to preserve her rest and to us it is worth it.  Our family’s health and happiness is immeasurable.  THANK YOU RONEE for changing our lives!”


~Monea, PA