Nutrition is a major factor in living a “healthy lifestyle”! The foods we eat and drink have a direct impact on how much energy we have, how we deal with stress, how well we sleep, if we have the motivation to exercise, how often we get sick, what medical conditions and illnesses we develop, and our mental health. Most of the top conditions that people die from can be helped/avoided with lifestyle changes such as nutrition. If you do research on topics such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, stroke, etc, you’ll see that the prevention listed for these things is eating a healthier diet.

While many of us know that we are probably not eating the “cleanest” we can, it can be tough to figure out what you should eat. It can also be tough to face having to make changes to your diet alone. This is where I come in! As a nutrition coach, I can not only provide you with the details of what you should be eating and why, but I will then help to guide and support you throughout the process of making these changes.

My goal is not to force you to eat things you don’t like, take away everything you currently love, belittle you for having a bad day, or recommend things that are far from your ideals. No, my job is to provide you with information, give you suggestions for small steps to change, and be your cheerleader along the way!

Because I wholeheartedly believe in living a healthy lifestyle, and not just eating right, part of our time together will also be spent talking about other topics that can affect how and what we eat (ex: sleep, stress, exercise, thoughts/beliefs, etc). We will also talk about meal planning and meal prepping, as I think this is a vital part of the process. So if you’ve been wanting to learn more about these things, but weren’t sure how/when to get started, then you’ll love this program!