*Must be in (or going into) a toddler or other bed*

What would you give for a peaceful night’s sleep?

I think most parents would agree that the toddler/preschooler age group can be the toughest of them all. Children are challenging and defiant when it comes to eating, potty training, and of course, sleep! Some kiddos started out as good sleepers, but then defected because of an illness, developmental milestone, scary moment, nightmare, you switched them to a “big kid bed”, or for some other reason that you might never figure out. And there are the other children who have never been good sleepers from day one. No matter which child you have, just know that you’re not alone!

I work with this age group a lot, and I’ve seen every type of temperament, parenting style, and reason for not sleeping that could think of. And guess what? They could ALL be helped! And no, this is not about cry-it-out (CIO) at all. This is about slowing down and taking the time to help your child WANT to stay in their bed all night. You’ve lost your power with kiddos who are in beds and they know it. I help you take back your power, while allowing your child to feel like this is a “win” for them too.

I’m sure you’re chuckling to yourself right now, thinking that you’ve got the one child I can’t help, right? I’ve not met a child yet that I couldn’t help. I have tons of “tools in my tool belt” to help me guide you along a new journey to better sleep. How nice would it be to be able to easily and quickly tuck your child in at bedtime, say goodnight, and leave without hearing not another word from them until morning? Or what about getting rid of those awful night wakings or early morning wake ups? Whatever your issues, I can help!

Below you will see all that’s included in a standard package, as well as additional add-on options if you’re interested. If you would like for me to help you through this rough patch so you and your child can sleep well again (or for the first time ever), click HERE so we can set up a time to chat for a free 15min phone assessment!


Standard Package ($415) Includes:

  1. Questionnaire: You will fill out an online questionnaire, so I can get an idea of what your child’s daily schedule looks like, as well as their temperament and your parenting style.
  2. 90min consultation:  During the 90min phone or video consult I will go over your custom, detailed sleep plan which includes a daytime schedule, bedtime routine, answers to your “what if” questions, and instructions for getting your child to go to sleep, sleep through the night, and take good naps. We can also discuss any breastfeeding/ night weaning concerns you might have.
  3. Sleep plan: I will provide you with detailed, easy-to-follow, and easy-to-read sleep plan.  All that we discuss during our consultation will be included in this plan.
  4. (4) 15-30min follow up phone calls: I will call you at 4 scheduled times throughout the 3 week program to answer your questions, make suggestions, and make sure things are going well overall.
  5. 3 weeks of unlimited email/text support: I am there to support you throughout the entire process, so you can continue to feel confident about what you’re doing. I answer emails between 9am-6pm EST daily.
  6. Sleep logs: You will be asked to track your child’s day and night sleep for the 3 weeks through Google Sheets (online sleep log), so that we can both see where things may need changing and to celebrate successes.
  7. Bedtime Routine Chart: This customizable chart has a combination of pictures and words so that your child can feel like they’re in charge of the bedtime routine, which can help with bedtime battles.  We will discuss the details during the consult.
  8. Reward Chart: This customizable chart has a combination of pictures and words so that your child can receive action-specific rewards throughout the process. We will discuss the details during the consult.
  9. Graduation Certificate: After working so hard over the 3 weeks, it’s nice to be rewarded! This is something that will allow you to proudly display your child’s success with the program!
  10. VIP Gold Membership: You will be given a lifetime VIP Gold membership (a $49.99 value)! This includes the “All Things Sleep: Kids!” e-book, over 20 audio clips, and over 15 document files to help you further understand sleep and learn how to be successful both now and in the future. While we will discuss many of these topics during our time together, it’s helpful to be able to have access to these things after we’re done and at any time of day or night. Click HERE for a complete list of topics included!
  11. Private Facebook group: You will be given lifetime access to a private Facebook group that is just for Sleeptastic graduates! In this group, you can ask questions, answer other people’s questions, or just hang out with us. It’s a nice way to stay connected, get quick questions answered later on when new things come up, and be with like-minded parents who have been where you are or experiencing similar issues. This is truly a valuable resource!

**Additional Add-On Options:

  1. Deluxe Package ($50): If you live within 20 miles of Macungie, PA 18062, I can come to your home for the 1.5-2 hour consultation, and I will do a bedroom assessment while I’m there. Your child will also receive an age-appropriate bedtime storybook! Note: In-home consultations will need to take place weekdays between 10-4pm. Saturday appointments available for an additional $25 ($75 total). 
  2. Late Night Email/Text Service ($30): If you would like my support after 6pm to help with bedtime and the early part of the night, then this add-on is for you! I will be available to you not only during the day but also in the evenings up until 10pm EST throughout the entire 3 week program.
  3. Bedtime Support ($150): You get the full benefits of the Standard Package, with the consult taking place in your home, AND I will stay for up to 2hrs after the consultation to support you through getting your child to sleep for the first time using the new skills we will have just talked about (this would need to be an evening appointment)! As an added bonus, I will add in the Late Night Email/Text Support option for FREE (a $30 value)!
  4. Special Needs Child Massage Package ($75): If you’re purchasing a Deluxe (in home) package, and your child is 7 years old or under with special needs of any kind, (including autism, Asperger’s, sensory processing, developmental delays, etc), you have the option of adding on this wonderful package! As a Certified Educator of Infant Massage, I will spend one hour teaching you how to massage your child. We will cover how to understand when is a good time to massage your child (ie behavioral cues), asking for their permission, oils to use, how to do the strokes, how to continue the massage as the child grows, and more! I provide a folder of handouts for each area of the body we cover so you can continue to practice at home (ie legs/feet, stomach/chest, arms/hands, face/back). There are many benefits of massage, including better sleep, relaxation, and better bonding with your child.  You can check out all the benefits on my Infant Massage Sessions page. This is a great deal, as private sessions not purchased with a sleep plan are normally $150.
  5. VIP Platinum Membership Upgrade ($80): With this upgrade, you will not only get all of the information mentioned above that comes with the VIP Gold membership (Documents and Audio Files libraries, as well as my book All Things Sleep: Kids!) , but you will also get 24/7 access to a private forum, the option to call and talk to me live once per month, and the ability to tune in to my live quarterly, educational webinar series. You can ask questions as often as you need to in the forum, and I will answer within 24hrs. If you have an issue you’d like to chat about, then you can call in monthly and we can talk through your issues right there. And with the webinars, I offer you valuable information on a variety of parenting topics, from child sleep to adult sleep, infant massage, parenting issues, breastfeeding, and more! You will also have access to watch past webinars too! Normally, this upgrade costs $9.99/mo, so paying just $80 for the year is quite the savings (more than 30% off)! This offer is only good when purchased together with this package and is good for 1 year from the time you purchase.


***Sleeptastic Solutions is an Amazon Affiliate. These products have been hand-picked by Sleeptastic Solutions, as trusted products that they approve of and are often recommended to clients. The manufacturers of these products are not paying Sleeptastic Solutions for their endorsements. The goal is to provide parents solutions to common sleep-related issues, and to be a source of information for parents looking for recommendations. Please note that choosing any of these products does not mean that your child will have automatic sleep success, however, these products are known to be an accompaniment to sleep training.


Nikki from Georgia (2mo old)

Thanks to you, our little guy is now sleeping 8 hours straight at night! His naps have gotten so much better too, with at least one 2 hour nap each day! I can easily put him down now while he’s still awake and watch as he puts himself to sleep. I’m still...
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Samantha from Pennsylvania (5wk old)

Thank you so much for the great sleep information you provided to us! I wasn’t sure if the “prenatal package” would be good for us since our little girl was already born, but clearly it was. After working on some of the things we talked about, she...
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Leena from Pennsylvania (prenatal)

My husband and I learned so much about sleep and breastfeeding! We are looking forward to meeting our little one soon and getting to use the things you taught us! Thank you for your guidance!
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Erica from Pennsylvania (4mo old)

“On “graduation day” I told Ronee I think she saved my life and I wasn’t being dramatic. When I hired her, my 4 month old would only sleep on me. On nights I tried to put her in her crib, bedtime would take 3-4 hours and I was left an exhausted, crying anxious...
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Gia from Pennsylvania (6mos)

Our daughter was 6 months old when our pediatrician said we needed to think about sleep training our baby. She was only sleeping in one, two, if we were lucky, a three hour stretch and we had been trying for two months to transition her from a Rock and Play to her...
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Diana from PA (parenting sessions)

Love & Logic has been such a blessing for our family! It has given us a fresh start. We have learned healthier techniques to manage bad behavior, that actually work and leaves both parent and child feeling like they have won! I highly recommend this class for any...
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Patricia from Pennsylvania (5mo old)

My husband and I always assumed that our son just wasn’t a good napper/sleeper. People told us, “he’s just a baby,” “it will get better when he’s older,” or “he’s just hungry.” Well it got to a point (around...
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Jillian from Pennsylvania (4mo old)

My 4 month old was sleeping through the night but would not take naps! Ronee helped us with a schedule and it’s like night and day. He takes 3 naps a day and is such a happier baby! Thank you Ronee!!
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Tiffany from Pennsylvania (6mo old)

“Because of this fantastic woman, my daughter and I get a full nights sleep! I’d highly recommend giving her a call if you need help getting your child to sleep!”
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Demi from Pennsylvania (5mo old)

My baby Vinny sleeps so much better for naps now! He was a complete swing addict but with patience and consistency he weaned off the swing completely and now does all naps and night sleep in his crib! Ronee knows the inns and outs of sleep! Highly recommend!
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Shari from California (2yr old)

I left a 5-star review [on Facebook] for Ronee 1 & 1/2 years ago because she changed my family’s life for the better by teaching us how to gently get our then baby asleep through the night. Last week I desperately reached out to Ronee to help us again...
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Erin from Wyoming (Adult)

Working with Ronee provided me with the support and proactive changes I needed to deal with the worst ongoing bout of insomnia of my entire life. I don’t think I could have survived without her! Her strategies for dealing with anxiety were invaluable and ones I...
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Juan from PA (Adult)

As a father of 4 children, trucker, and runner I knew something wasn’t right and that I needed some help when I could only get 4 hour of sleep at the most. I contacted Ronee who helped set me up on a plan and throughout our time we addressed and changed some...
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Ashley from Pennsylvania (10mo old)

Sleeptastic Solutions changed our lives. Our sweet 10 month old daughter was in the habit of nursing to sleep and would also wake many times in the night, needing to nurse back to sleep. After trying some sleep training methods on our own with no success, we had just...
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Nicole from PA (massage class)

An amazing way to bond with your baby when they aren’t ready to engage with you yet! I loved being able to connect with him and be able to relax him before bed. I like that my husband and I have something we can do together or apart that is consistent with our...
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Michelle from PA (massage class)

I just finished taking the first infant massage series with Ronee Welch and it was a wonderful hour for babies and bonding with other mamas. Highly recommend...
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Hayley from PA (massage class)

I highly recommend this class to all parents with little ones! Ronee is extremely knowledgeable on all of the subject matter, and is great at applying both this knowledge and her experiences into the class in a hands on way. Learning the massage techniques has created...
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Mary from PA (massage)

I loved this class! 1st It’s the only class I had seen where i could take my child under 6 months. For me i am away from all family it was so nice to be able to ask questions and get answers from moms in a group. But the best part was massaging my baby, i have...
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Lauren from South Carolina

Working with Ronee was great! She was very knowledgeable about sleep and breastfeeding and even eased my mind about CIO. My daughter was barely 4 months old when we started and was getting up every 2 hours at night, taking forever to get back to sleep, and taking...
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Chelsea from Pennsylvania

I highly recommend hiring Ronee to help you if you have a child who is older. Initially I thought I was just going to have to wait until my daughter was in her teens and no longer wanted me to sleep with her before I’d ever see my bed again, but then I found...
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Melissa from Pennsylvania (2yr old)

Ronee was an amazing resource as we worked to get out VERY strong willed two year old sleeping in her own room and through the night. Her approach was gentle – for my daughter AND for me – and her constant support by phone and email was very reassuring. I...
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Jennifer from Pennsylvania

Thank you so much for your help and guidance, Ronee! Our baby was 11 weeks when we started the program. My daughter wouldn’t sleep unless she was with me and it was getting tiring. Once we learned how to make some changes in what we were doing with her, she...
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Kelly from Pennsylvania

Thank you so much for the awesome information in the prenatal breastfeeding and sleeping class! I loved that we got to see all the info in the plans in a presentation format, where you could explain things to us and we could ask questions. It was super helpful and I...
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Shari from California

Ronee helped my husband and I to get our baby on a healthy sleep schedule. We contacted her when we needed guidance in ironing out some tough spots while sleep training. Ronee was so thorough in giving her advice. She knew exactly what to say to assert what needed to...
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Kristie from Maryland

I tried everything to get my now 9 month old to sleep more. I was tired, my husband was tired, the baby was tired, even the dog was tired. My baby is now sleeping 11-12 hours a night. I am so glad Ronee found me and fixed our issues when I was starting to believe that...
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Stephanie from PA (adult)

Ronee helped me with not only my own awful sleep habits (or lack there of), but also my children’s. Ronee is very knowledgeable and friendly and very helpful. I learned a lot from my experience and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a...
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Alisyn from Florida

I decided to call Ronee when I finished reading yet another “sleep” book. Each book, blog, support group, peer and yes…even strangers’ advice ALL contradicted each other. The difference in opinions and styles of sleep training had me completely confused if and where...
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Ashley from Pennsylvania

After being reluctant for months to ask for help with something I thought a mom should be able to figure out by herself, I am more than thrilled I finally did email Ronee! Ronee was able to determine an exact plan and schedule to help get our toddler sleeping through...
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Emily from Pennsylvania (3yr old)

Ronee is the best! Our son is 3 years old and ever since the transition to “big boy bed” has wanted to get out of bed often… wants mommy to sit with him until he is asleep…then we would have to sneak out so he didn’t hear us or the cycle...
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Brittania from Pennsylvania

Ronee really helped me! I was barely sleeping four hours a night at the beginning of this program. After the first week I already noticed improved sleep and feeling more rested. As the weeks progressed not only my sleep improved but my energy too. I felt happier...
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Kimberlee from Pennsylvania

Ronee took a lot of time to cover everything that needed to be covered. She researched things she needed to know more about and gave me articles as well. I love that the outlined plan is saved for future reference.
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Marcy from Delaware

I recently bought the Do It Yourself package from Sleeptastic Solutions and am thrilled that I did! I was looking for a program that I could do myself since I had 2 kids not sleeping well and couldn’t afford personalized help for both. After comparing a few I...
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Dana from Pennsylvania

My husband and I attended the Breastfeeding and Sleep one-on-one sessions in the comfort of our own home.  There was A LOT of information.  So much that it was a bit overwhelming IN A GOOD WAY!  There wasn’t any fear that we wouldn’t retain all the information because...
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Sage from Pennsylvania

Isn’t it funny how we, as parents, focus on our baby’s sleep? Other parents ask us if our baby is a good sleeper; we read books about positive sleep habits; we invest in items like swings, bouncers, and rockers to help our little one sleep; and, we know...
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Maria from Pennsylvania

We loved working with Ronee! Our son Matthew was 10mos old when we first reached out to her. We had been struggling with his sleeping since about 6mos old. Matthew would wake up anywhere from 6-13x a night! I had read many books and tried a variety of strategies, but...
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Karen from Pennsylvania

Starting this program, my son was still nursing to sleep and if he woke throughout the night he needed to be nursed back to sleep. This became a concern to us since we have baby #2 coming in a few months. Working with Ronee, we decided to transition him to a...
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Meghan from Tennessee

I have twin girls that are 17 months old and hardly slept! One wouldn’t sleep unless she was in bed with us, and the other would sleep in her bed till around 2ish then wanted in bed with us. I really was skeptical to go purchase a package for sleep training. I...
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Alex from South Carolina

This testimonial is from a mom named Alex from South Carolina.  Alex volunteered to be the recipient of a free consultation by me for writer Carly Bellard’s health and wellness blog called “The Puzzled Palate”.  After using the program for 10 days,...
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Ingrid from Pennsylvania

We have two children – a 7 yr. old & an 8 month old. Life was the normal sleep deprived blur that you expect with a baby. At 2 months age, he started showing signs of pain associated with reflux. The short version of his reflux was because of its severity,...
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Monea from Pennsylvania

“About 3 weeks ago, I wiped my tears of frustration and fatigue long enough to search the internet for a sleep consultant.  Our girl is 10 months old.  We attempted sleep training on our own by purchasing “The Sleep Sense Program,” when she was 6...
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