Do you have a teen that has trouble going to sleep at a decent hour, falling asleep, staying asleep at night, or being able to get up on time for school? If so, I can help!

Sleep for teenagers looks different than it does for younger children and adults, so it’s important that teens and parents understand how this affects things. Not sleeping well is also often a symptom of other underlying issues. As a Certified Integrative Teen and Adult Sleep Coach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) clinician, and Health & Life Coach, I will work with your child to figure out what those other issues are, if you don’t already know.

CBT-I is now considered the first-line treatment for chronic insomnia due to its superior long-term efficacy, lack of side effects, and patient preference compared to sedative-hypnotics, which are associated with significant side effects and risks. I realize that many clients are already taking sleeping pills, and while they want to stop taking them, they’re very fearful of what their sleep will look like if they do that. Don’t worry, we would work together to improve your child’s sleep while slowly decreasing their need for sleep aids (with their doctor’s approval). There’s nothing drastic about my program, so you can put your fears aside!

I will “shine a light” on the problem areas, provide information to further explain how and why they are not sleeping their best. We will discuss the “Wheel of Health”, and I will explain how things such as diet, exercise, stress, anxiety, relationships, sports/activities, etc can all affect their sleep. I will provide you with attainable action steps each week for a series of 4, 6, or 8 weeks so that they can reach their goals at a speed that works best for them. They will be asked to log their sleep daily so that we can review those sleep logs each week, and ensure they’re reaching their goals and seeing results. I will be their coach, cheerleader, mentor, and partner throughout the journey!



*You can also choose one single 60min phone/video call for $125.

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I want to help you achieve that goal, so click here to set up your FREE 15min phone assessment! Then, you can explain a little about your unique sleep situation, and I can tell you more about how I could help you start sleeping better in as little as a few weeks!

During our call, I will also tell you which package I believe would work best for your family, based on our conversation. My packages are not “one size fits all”, because every individual’s story is unique, as is the way they want to approach making changes. For some people, slow and steady is a better fit, while for others, fast and furious is how they prefer things. Whatever your needs, I’m here to support and guide you! So that first step is to set up that free call!

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Working with Ronee was great! She was very knowledgeable and patient with us. She spoke both to my son individually, as well as with me and my son together. He learned alot from her and is continuing to do well! He’s much more relaxed and sleeping better overall. Great experience!

Jess, Pennsylvania

Mom of 16yo boy

If you’e unsure about hiring Ronee, just do it! My daughter was having trouble relaxing at night, and thanks to Ronee we were able to learn ways to help her. It was nice to have someone else suggest things to her other than her mom and me. Our daughter took the process seriously and really tried to follow everything we threw at her. We think she did great! She’s been much calmer now before bed, and she has a great routine that has her sleeping more overnight and waking up easier in the morning.

David and Lena, Pennsylvania

Parents of 14yo girl

I came to Ronee after feeling really frustrated with how to help my daughter. The pediatrician suggested a therapist, but that didn’t turn out well (they were either booked far in advance or didn’t take children). I turned to a Facebook mom group for suggestions and that’s where I found Ronee’s name being recommended. I’m so glad we took a chance on her, because my daughter is doing SO much better! She was feeling a lot of stress and anxiety with school work, activities, and her friendships. Those stresses were creating a lot of sleep issues. Then, because she wasn’t sleeping well, she was crabby, tired, and starting to fall behind at school. But I’m happy to report that she is doing much better these days! She feels good knowing she can control those emotions now, which has eased her mind at bedtime, making it easier for her to fall asleep. Her grades are back up and she is much more pleasant to be around. Thanks, Ronee!

Steph, New Jersey

Mom of 15yo girl