What would you give for a peaceful night’s sleep?


If there’s one thing I learned from having 4 children of my own, it’s that kids of all ages can go through sleep challenges! It can feel like a taboo topic for a parent of a school-aged child to talk about their child not sleeping well. Most parents find it hard to admit to friends, family, or even in social media groups that their older kiddo is having sleep troubles. I believe it’s much more common than we know! But let’s face it, life happens! Things come up that can cause our children to start having sleep issues, such as parental divorce/new marriage, new siblings, thunderstorms, illnesses, injuries, new school or activities, etc.

Just because your child might be 7 years old, it doesn’t mean they’re all grown up and no longer need you. Actually the opposite can be true for many children. New thoughts, worries, and anxieties can wreak havoc on these young minds! They can turn once-good-sleepers into not-so-good sleepers. Whatever might be going on in your house, please know that it’s normal!

It’s also normal to need some help navigating these issues, even at this age. Whether it’s a bedtime issue, or a night waking that involves you (ie they are coming in to you or asking you to stay with them), just know that I can help you and your child find the peaceful night’s sleep you’re both looking for.

As a certified sleep consultant, parenting coach, and nutrition coach, I work together with you and your child to find out what’s going on and figure out gentle ways to help them feel safe and secure without you. My custom plans involve the entire family and are super successful! Children love that they’re not only involved in the process but also the rewards! There are typically zero tears with this program!

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Testimonials from parents of school-aged children:

Thank you so much for your help! Our daughter is SO much happier these days (and so are we)! She’s not crying at bedtime anymore and is excited to earn her rewards each day. She’s sleeping in her own bed each night now, which is such a huge improvement! She only woke up once this week and quickly went back to sleep on her own! Again, we can’t thank you enough for your help!

Janice & Tim

Pennsylvania, 7yr old girl

I couldn’t be more pleased with the progress my son has made over the past 2 weeks! We went from his sleeping with me every night to now sleeping in his own bed! I never thought I’d see this day, as we’ve always co-slept. I was nervous to make this move, and you really helped both of us ease into this new normal. My son is actually excited for bedtime now, and loves the rewards he gets for doing a good job! Thanks for all your help!


New Jersey, 11yr old boy

We are so excited to be able to say that our little girl has been sleeping through the night the past 3 weeks now! Before we started with Ronee, she was waking up 3x a night asking for all sorts of things. We were all tired and frustrated! We loved this program, since we included our little girl in the process, and she never cried once! In fact, she was excited and happy about the whole thing! I highly recommend working with Ronee!

Paula and Michael

Pennsylvania, 8yr old girl