What if you could avoid sleep training?

If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking that there are 2 things you can count on when your baby is born: they will know how to sleep and eat. Well, that would be true…sort of. Let me explain. Yes, babies know how to sleep when they’re born. In fact, they do a darn good job at sleeping at first!

The issue isn’t “can” they sleep, but “where” and ”how” they will do it. If you plan on always feeding, holding, rocking, or bouncing your baby to sleep, then great! But, if you’re thinking that it would be pretty awesome if you could just lay your baby in their crib when it’s time for sleep, and they’ll not only put themselves to sleep, but also sleep longer than just 20-40 minutes (the average length of one sleep cycle for newborns), then keep reading!

Don’t get me wrong, you’re not going to be teaching your one day old to do anything more than learning how to eat and snuggle. But just know that with every day that goes by, you will be teaching your child something. All of those things I mentioned earlier are sleep props, or things that are used to get your child to go to sleep. Those are learned things. Babies don’t come out of the womb asking to be put in a swing or be bounced to sleep, we as parents make the choice to put them there or do that.

What I do with this package is to teach you how to better show your baby from early on what it is that you’d like for them to do moving forward. Knowledge is power! If you can teach baby how to go to sleep from early on, then you have a much better chance of not having to reteach this later on (ie sleep training). Sleep teaching (as I call it for this age) is such a useful tool that I wish all new parents knew about. I knew a little by the time I had my 4th child (I had to sleep train my twins at 7mos, so I wasn’t looking for a repeat), so I made changes to what I was doing much earlier. I still wasn’t smart enough back then to realize that I should have never gone down some of those paths in the first place, but I was smart enough to see the signs before it became much harder to change the behaviors. Luckily, I was able to make those changes quickly and without much backlash, but I know that not everyone is that lucky.

I know that many new parents-to-be will spend time taking classes on childbirth, breastfeeding, car seat safety, CPR, and others (all fabulous classes, by the way), but I just wish that sleep was on parents’ minds, too. It’s not as easy as it sounds, yet it can be if you knew what to avoid and what to try to do. All new parents realize that sleep will be lacking in those first few months after the baby’s born. The expectation is that you will need to get up and feed your baby several times a night. But what happens when baby is waking every hour throughout the night, has their days and nights mixed up, is super cranky, is taking horribly short naps all day long, or is sleeping on or next to you most of the night? How do you survive for months with so little sleep?

Sleep deprivation increases a mother’s chances of developing postpartum depression (PPD). When you’re dealing with healing from the birth, possibly trying to breastfeed your newborn, trying to manage fluctuating hormones, maybe handling other children or work, caring all day and night for a newborn, AND sleep deprivation, it can really get you down. More than 75% of the parents I work with have at least one parent who is suffering from either PPD or postpartum anxiety when we first start. I’m happy to report that many are feeling much better after their child is sleeping better and they are, too!

I’ve helped many parents go from feeling completely overwhelmed to feeling like they’ve “got this”! Again, sleep teaching is a great way to gently teach your baby as you go so you don’t have to reteach them later on. There is so much growing and learning your baby needs to do in the first few months that it’s imperative that they get the sleep they need, too. In fact 65% of your baby’s growth is done while they are sleeping. And most of that growing happens during REM sleep, which is when your child has longer, restorative sleep. So if teaching your baby good sleep habits now so you can all sleep better is something you’re interested in, then I can certainly help you!

Below you will see all that’s included in a standard package, as well as additional add-on options if you’re interested. If you plan on breastfeeding, I highly suggest adding in the Breastfeeding Prenatal Package, so we can talk about that too. As a Certified Lactation Counselor as well, I understand the journey of both sleep and breastfeeding (both of which can be difficult to achieve). I’ll walk you through both of these things…not as two individual topics, but as a combination. I offer great presentations and e-booklets for these packages, so that you can learn now and refer back to them as needed later on. If you’ve got questions, let’s set up a time to chat for a free 15min phone assessment!


Standard Prenatal Package ($150) Includes:

1) 90 min consultation: For mom, we will discuss how sleep changes throughout pregnancy, things you can do to be more comfortable and get more sleep during pregnancy (which is very important for your growing bundle of joy), and what sleep will look like in the “4th trimester” (ie the first three months post-birth). For baby, we will discuss the importance of sleep, having realistic sleep expectations, what sleep props are and how to avoid them, the importance of a good daytime schedule and what one looks like, and much more!

2) Sleep plan: I will provide you with a 20 page detailed, easy-to-follow, and easy-to-read newborn sleep plan/guide. While the first month or so should primarily be focused on feeding and bonding with your baby, there are things that you can do early on with your baby to ensure they are sleeping longer stretches (and eventually through the night) as quickly as possible. All we discuss during our consultation will be included in this plan.

8) VIP Gold Membership: You will be given a lifetime VIP Gold membership (a $49.99 value)! This includes the “All Things Sleep: Kids!” e-book, over 20 audio clips, and over 15 document files to help you further understand sleep and learn how to be successful both now and in the future. While we will discuss some of these topics during our time together, it’s helpful to be able to have access to these things after we’re done and at any time of day or night. Audio and document files include sleep/feeding logs, behavioral states for newborns, how to handle late bedtimes (which happens often with newborns), when to start “sleep teaching”, nap transitioning, early morning wake ups, night weaning, and much, much more! 

9) Private Facebook group: You will be given lifetime access to a private Facebook group that is just for Sleeptastic graduates! In this group, you can ask questions, answer other people’s questions, or just hang out with us. It’s a nice way to stay connected, get quick questions answered later on when new things come up, and be with like-minded parents who have been where you are or experiencing similar issues. This is truly a valuable resource!

*Additional Add-On Options:

Deluxe Package ($100): You get everything listed above in the Standard Package PLUS an additional 30min phone call to use at any point in the 6mos following our time together. You also get one year of the VIP Platinum Membership (see below for details of what this includes). 

Breastfeeding Package ($50):  If you plan on breastfeeding your baby, you can add this 60min package! We will talk about the importance of “skin-to-skin” contact, the 9 instinctive stages that all newborns go through, how to latch, how to hand express, pump, thaw, warm, and store breast milk, and more! You will also receive a 20 page breastfeeding guide, a separate sheet about how to hand express breast milk, as well as a breastfeeding/sleep log so you can track your little ones input, output, and sleeping! 

VIP Platinum Membership Upgrade ($75): With this upgrade, you will not only get all of the information mentioned above that comes with the VIP Gold membership (Documents and Audio Files libraries, as well as my book All Things Sleep: Kids!) , but you will also get 24/7 access to a private forum and the option to call and talk to me live once per month. You can ask questions as often as you need to in the forum, and I will answer within 24hrs. If you have an issue you’d like to chat about, then you can call in monthly and we can talk through your issues right there. I also offer valuable information on a variety of topics with my online courses, from child sleep pre/postnatal nutrition, infant massage, parenting issues, breastfeeding, health & lifestyle support, postpartum doula services, and more! Normally, this upgrade costs $10.99/mo, so paying just $75 for the year is quite the savings (more than 30% off)!

*This offer is only good when purchased together with this package and is good for 1 year from the time you purchase.



Sleeptastic Solutions changed our lives. Our sweet 10 month old daughter was in the habit of nursing to sleep and would also wake many times in the night, needing to nurse back to sleep. After trying some sleep training methods on our own with no success, we had just accepted this as part of having an infant. We were amazed when after 2 nights of Sleeptastic Solutions our daughter slept in her own room for 12 hours straight without a peep. Commitment to our sleep plan has created an environment for her where she can get the rest she needs and wake each morning happy and energized. Needless, to say we are also beyond happy and energized!


I decided to call Ronee when I finished reading yet another “sleep” book. Each book, blog, support group, peer and yes…even strangers’ advice ALL contradicted each other. The difference in opinions and styles of sleep training had me completely confused if and where to begin this crazy journey. I knew I needed someone who was going to walk me step by step through the process and help me as difficulties came up. I knew I also needed someone who was going to be patient and kind and who was going to listen to me. Ronee was all that and more! I loved the fact that she has a background in infant/child development and is a certified lactation specialist. Ronee helped easily guide me through this thing called “sleep training”. It was huge knowing she was just a phone call or text message away. She helped give me the confidence needed to assist my baby girl to get the sleep she was lacking. Since Ronee’s help I have gained my nights back to get things done and spend time with my husband! I can now officially say that my daughter is a wonderful sleeper!!! She has been so happy now that she is getting the sleep she needs! I will definitely be reaching out to Ronee as things come up in the future. If you have been thinking about using Ronee as your Sleep Consultant…Just Do It! It will change your life for the better! I promise!