Babies Sleep


*Must be in (or going into) a crib or pack-n-play*

What would you give for a peaceful night’s sleep?

Do you have a baby or young toddler who’s never or rarely slept through the night? Or maybe they used to sleep well, but then something happened that messed it all up? Does this same child tend to take short naps, too? Or maybe they wake up way too early in the morning for you? If you said yes to any of these things, then you’re definitely in the right place! I can help you fix everything I just mentioned!

There’s a lot of information out on the web, in parenting groups, and coming from well-meaning friends and family. It can be so overwhelming to figure out what the best solutions are! I help parents determine a sleep training method that will work best for their family, based on their child’s temperament and your parenting style. After you learn exactly what to do, I help you implement it!

Getting a customized sleep plan is pretty awesome, however, the one-on-one support you will receive from me is truly priceless! Having the ability to have someone answer all of your questions as they arise, and to help guide you and made decisions throughout the process is invaluable! I know this, because I would have paid any amount of money to have such a service available to me when I sleep trained my twin daughters at 7 months old. It was really tough to figure out what I was doing wrong with the one twin, who was giving me a super hard time. I never want any parent and child to have to go through that, if they don’t have to.

That struggle is what led me to eventually become a pediatric sleep consultant for children. I combine my expertise in children’s sleep, nutrition (including breastfeeding), and behavior to help children and parents be as successful as possible!

Below you will see all that’s included in a standard package, as well as additional add-on options if you’re interested. If you would like for me to help you through this rough patch so you and your child can sleep well again (or for the first time ever), click HERE so we can set up a time to chat for a free 15min phone assessment!

Standard Newborns Package ($425) Includes:

  1. Questionnaire: You will fill out an online questionnaire, so I can get an idea of what your child’s daily schedule looks like, as well as their temperament and your parenting style.
  2. Video consultation:  There will be a one-time video consultation, where you will watch several videos to learn about sleep, daytime schedules, bedtime routines, answers to your “what if” questions, and of course specific instructions for getting your child to go to sleep initially at bedtime, sleep through the night, and take good naps (if they’re still napping). Offering consultations in this manner will allow both you and your spouse/partner (if you have one) to quickly watch the videos on your own time without having to wait for an opening in my schedule. Once you’ve watched the videos, we will set up a short 15-30min phone call to talk about any questions you might have, and to discuss any areas of concern I may have noticed in your questionnaire answers. After that call, you’ll be all set to start your sleep training journey! 
  3. Sleep plan: I will provide you with detailed, easy-to-follow, and easy-to-read sleep plan. All that we discuss during our consultation will be included in this plan.
  4. (4) 15-30 min follow up phone calls: I will call you at 4 scheduled times throughout the 2 week program to answer your questions, make suggestions, and make sure things are going well overall.
  5. 2 weeks of unlimited email/text support: I am there to support you throughout the entire process, so you can continue to feel confident about what you’re doing. I answer emails between 9am – 6pm EST daily.
  6. Sleep logs: You will be asked to track your child’s day and night sleep for the 2 weeks through Google Sheets (online sleep log), so that we can both see where things may need changing and to celebrate successes.
  7. Graduation Certificate: After working so hard over the 2 weeks, it’s nice to be rewarded! This is something that will allow you to proudly display your child’s success with the program!
  8. VIP Gold Membership: You will be given a lifetime VIP Gold membership (a $49.99 value)! This includes the “All Things Sleep: Kids!” e-book, over 20 audio clips, and over 15 document files to help you further understand sleep and learn how to be successful both now and in the future. While we will discuss many of these topics during our time together, it’s helpful to be able to have access to these things after we’re done and at any time of day or night. Topics include nap transitioning, early morning wake ups, night weaning, what to do if your child doesn’t cooperate, if they vomit during training, and much, much more! Click HERE for a complete list of topics included!
  9. Private Facebook group: You will be given lifetime access to a private Facebook group that is just for Sleeptastic graduates! In this group, you can ask questions, answer other people’s questions, or just hang out with us. It’s a nice way to stay connected, get quick questions answered later on when new things come up, and be with like-minded parents who have been where you are or experiencing similar issues. This is truly a valuable resource!

**Additional Add-On Options:

  1. Deluxe Package ($100): If you live within 20 miles of Macungie, PA 18062, I can come to your home for the 2 hour consultation, and I will do a nursery/bedroom assessment while I’m there. Your child will also receive an age-appropriate bedtime storybook! Note: In-home consultations will need to take place weekdays between 10-4pm. Saturday appointments available for an additional $50 ($150 total). 
  2. Late Night Email/Text Service ($50): If you would like my support after 6pm to help with bedtime and the early part of the night, then this add-on is for you! I will be available to you not only during the day but also in the evenings up until 10pm EST throughout the entire 2 week program.
  3. Bedtime Support ($250): You get the full benefits of the Standard Package, with the consult taking place in your home, AND I will stay for up to 2hrs after the consultation to support you through getting your child to sleep for the first time using the new skills we will have just talked about (this would need to be an evening appointment)! As an added bonus, I will add in the Late Night Email/Text Support option for FREE (a $50 value)!
  4. Infant Massage Package ($100): If you’re purchasing a Deluxe (in home) package, and you have a child 12 months or younger (7yrs or younger if they have any sort of special needs), you have the option of adding on this wonderful package! As a Certified Educator of Infant Massage, I will spend one hour teaching you how to massage your baby. We will cover how to understand when is a good time to massage your baby (ie behavioral cues), asking for your child’s permission, oils to use, how to do the strokes for their entire body, learn specific strokes for colicky/fussy/gassy babies, how to continue the massage as the child grows, and more! I provide a folder of handouts for each area of the body and other helpful topics so you can continue to practice at home every day. There are many benefits of infant massage, including relaxation and better sleep, digestion, and bonding with your child. You can check out all the benefits on my Infant Massage Sessions page. This is a great deal, as private in-home sessions not purchased with a sleep plan are normally $150.
  5. VIP Platinum Membership Upgrade ($75): With this upgrade, you will not only get all of the information mentioned above that comes with the VIP Gold membership (Documents and Audio Files libraries, as well as my book All Things Sleep: Kids!) , but you will also get 24/7 access to a private forum, the option to call and talk to me live once per month, and the ability to tune in to my live quarterly, educational webinar series. You can ask questions as often as you need to in the forum, and I will answer within 24hrs. If you have an issue you’d like to chat about, then you can call in monthly and we can talk through your issues right there. And with the webinars, I offer you valuable information on a variety of parenting topics, from child sleep to adult sleep, nutrition, infant massage, parenting issues, breastfeeding, and more! You will also have access to watch past webinars too! Normally, this upgrade costs $10.99/mo, so paying just $75 for the year is quite the savings (more than 30% off)! This offer is only good when purchased together with this package and is good for 1 year from the time you purchase.


Ashley from PA says “Sleeptastic Solutions changed our lives. Our sweet 10 month old daughter was in the habit of nursing to sleep and would also wake many times in the night, needing to nurse back to sleep. After trying some sleep training methods on our own with no success, we had just accepted this as part of having an infant. We were amazed when after 2 nights of Sleeptastic Solutions our daughter slept in her own room for 12 hours straight without a peep. Commitment to our sleep plan has created an environment for her where she can get the rest she needs and wake each morning happy and energized. Needless, to say we are also beyond happy and energized!”

Alisyn from FL says “I decided to call Ronee when I finished reading yet another “sleep” book. Each book, blog, support group, peer and yes…even strangers’ advice ALL contradicted each other. The difference in opinions and styles of sleep training had me completely confused if and where to begin this crazy journey. I knew I needed someone who was going to walk me step by step through the process and help me as difficulties came up. I knew I also needed someone who was going to be patient and kind and who was going to listen to me. Ronee was all that and more! I loved the fact that she has a background in infant/child development and is a certified lactation specialist. Ronee helped easily guide me through this thing called “sleep training”. It was huge knowing she was just a phone call or text message away. She helped give me the confidence needed to assist my baby girl to get the sleep she was lacking. Since Ronee’s help I have gained my nights back to get things done and spend time with my husband! I can now officially say that my daughter is a wonderful sleeper!!! She has been so happy now that she is getting the sleep she needs! I will definitely be reaching out to Ronee as things come up in the future. If you have been thinking about using Ronee as your Sleep Consultant…Just Do It! It will change your life for the better! I promise!”