Parenting Solutions Sessions

Are you tired of…

  • Yelling at or nagging your child?

  • Battling over bedtime, eating, using the potty, doing homework, using electronics, and getting ready in the morning?

  • Being embarrassed when your child throws a public tantrum?

  • Saying “NO” constantly with zero results?

  • Feeling like a failure as a parent?

Do you have one or more children aged 6 months old through 18 years old that the above applies to? If so, then we definitely need to talk! 

Some of the Topics Covered During the 4 Week Session:

-3 C’s of handling unwanted behaviors (getting your child to listen the first time without whining, lying, tantrums, badgering, etc)

-Learning to use empathy and empathetic statements

-Setting reasonable expectations and limits

-Avoiding power struggles (bedtime, mornings, homework, chores, potty training, eating, electronics, sibling disputes)

-Using “I” vs “you” statements

-Giving choices

-Understanding what affects your child’s behavior

-Importance of family/individual meetings

-Child temperaments and parenting style

-Importance of parental self-care

What’s the secret?

The secret is that in order to change your child’s behavior, you need to first change what YOU are doing! By taking these sessions, you will learn exactly how to do that! You will become the parent you have wanted to be, and the beauty is that your child will happily embrace these changes. I will help you…

*Learn how to offer empathy and love first

*Share the control or decision-making

*Give and receive respect from your child

*Share the thinking and problem-solving

*Child temperaments and parenting style

*Importance of parental self-care

These sessions:

  • Teach parents how to discipline their kids without losing their love and respect.

  • Focus on helping children develop personal responsibility, self-control and good decision making skills.

  • Don’t just use complicated reward or punishment systems only focused on short-term compliance (though they are covered too).

  • Focus on nurturing long-term relationships and reinforcing good character.

Each Private Session Includes:

  • This is a 4 week package.

  • You will be asked to watch a series of 10 videos over the first 3 weeks (average 3 -4 videos per week).

  • Three separate 1 hour follow-up phone/video sessions, scheduled at mutually convenient days and times; followed by a 30min phone/video call to wrap up what you’ve learned and answer any final questions.

  • At the end of each week, we’ll have a phone/video session to discuss what you learned, how you’re personally struggling with the topics discussed, what you need to be working on for the following week, how to apply these things to your unique situation, and to answer any other questions you might have.

  • Unlimited email to me for the duration of the 4 weeks, so we can discuss any questions you might have in between calls.

  • You will have lifetime access to 15+ online PDFs that accompany the private sessions, as well as the video lessons.

  • You will be invited to join our private Facebook group just for past clients and course members for any future questions or concerns you may have as time goes on.

**If you’re interested in signing up for these private sessions, you can click below to contact me and get started!

Online DIY & Group Video Courses:


If you prefer a DIY option, then my online video courses may be for for you! With the online DIY course, you can learn all of the above in the form of a 10 day course. Each day has a different lesson and corresponding video to watch (with slides to look at). You are free to go at your own pace, as long as you go in order of the lessons since they build upon each other.

The DIY course comes with lifetime access, more than 15 printable PDF files and charts, access to a private Facebook group, and the ability to bump up to my VIP Platinum group at any time (gives you access to a private forum to talk to me, monthly call-in access, as well as quarterly educational webinars).



With the online Group Course, you will be invited into a private Facebook group to learn alongside of other parents. The groups are kept small (under 10), so that I can help everyone who needs it. The same DIY video lessons are in the group course, so you will still need to watch those.

The difference is that you will have access to me and the other group members daily for 4 weeks total. This allows you to not only ask questions, but it gives you accountability and challenges you to keep working on things. The same lifetime access applies to this group, as well.

The other difference between the two types is that I only offer the group courses a few times a year. So if you need help right now, and there’s not a group course scheduled for a while, you would be better off purchasing the DIY course which can be started at any time.

If you’re struggling between hiring me or taking one of the online courses, let me help, because there are pros/cons to both ways of learning the information. The difference between the private sessions and the DIY/group course is the fact that we will be having weekly phone or video conversations, where we will specifically work through the changes you’re implementing.

If we work one-on-one, we will be talking about your unique situations and how to make my methods work for your family, instead of your needing to figure it out on your own. So you need to consider your current issues, your possible willingness to be in group setting, and your comfortability level in implementing what you learn in the videos.

You can learn more about the course itself (and purchase if you’re ready) by clicking below.

Testimonials from parents who have either worked with me one-on-one or taken a video course (DIY or group course):

“I found Ronee’s group parenting course and my husband and I found a lot of useful tools to help make our days run smoother with having a houseful of children. I definitely recommend this class to anyone who is looking for helpful methods to improve their parenting skills.”

Jennifer W. from Pennsylvania

“I just finished the Sleeptastics Solutions Parenting Course and it was absolutely amazing! In the last month my 2.5 super high energy is practically a different kid! We are in such a better place and both of us are 100% happier. I feel so prepared now to handle tantrums, mornings, bedtimes and more! Seriously I think every single parent could benefit from this course!”

Katie M. from New Jersey

“Ronee’s parenting class provided my husband and me with strategies and techniques that we could use in most any situation we encountered with our daughter. The overall frustration level and arguing has significantly decreased in our household. We no longer feel like we’re constantly yelling in order to get our daughter’s attention. We also feel like the information we learned could be applied as our daughter grows older. I’d highly recommend Ronee’s course to any parent who is unsure of how to hand their child’s defiant, unruly, or challenging behaviors.”

Angel G. from Pennsylvania

“Ronee’s parenting course is full of useful information. My very strong willed 3 year old and I are having way less power struggles after applying the tools Ronee taught in her course.”

Kim H. from Pennsylvania

“I took Ronee’s Sleeptastic Parenting Course and it was amazing! I was at a loss when it came to disciplining our 3 year old twins who were all over the place and never listened! I gained so much knowledge about relating to my kids and learned lots of new parenting tools that I’ve been so excited to use. My kids really respond when I use Ronee’s methods! I’d highly recommend this course to any parent!”

Stephanie M. from Louisiana