Life coaches help you identify your goals and provide you with an actionable plan to succeed. Sometimes our life’s journey is not progressing like we’d hoped it would. Maybe we got off track with our relationships, career, education, family goals, etc. If you’re not 100% happy with your entire life, then it might be time for you to hire a life coach!

If you feel like your life is spiraling out of control, you’re unhappy with how your life and/or career is going, you want to work on a life/work balance, or you would just like to get some feedback for a future plan you have, I will help you work through all of that! We will look at what’s making you unhappy, ways to work through what you can’t change, and work on ways to make changes with the things you can control in your life. The options are truly endless! 

With life coaching, I can help you set goals, overcome obstacles, and make positive changes in your life! This is not about analyzing your past or talking about how you got to where you are today. Instead, my goal would be to help you realize your current best assets, feel good about your life, make better choices, and help you to make your dreams and future goals more attainable.​ 

While it’s good to recognize why you are who you are today, it’s not something we’re going to spend time on. Rather, we’re going to work together to understand where you are now in your life vs where you want to be and come up with solutions that move you in that direction. Sometimes you just need someone who listens to you, gives you helpful feedback and attainable goals, and supports you throughout the process!

If the thought of life coaching is new to you, here are some of the many reasons that someone might seek out a life coach… 

  • Recognizing what your life goals are
  • Setting and keeping goals
  • Looking for accountability, support, and innovative new ideas
  • Balancing your life; helping you with overwhelm
  • Creating a schedule for you/your family
  • Coming up with ways to learn how to de-stress, reduce anxiety, prioritize
  • Identifying creative blocks, challenges, and opportunities
  • Helping with career changes/choices
  • Setting boundaries in your personal life and/or career
  • Learning how to enjoy your life again

While I can work with clients on a week-by-week basis, typically clients will hire me to help them over a series of a few weeks or months. Not only will you save money by purchasing a package, but it will allow us to have enough time to talk through the issues you’re wanting to work on. There will be “homework” each week that will help you continue on the right path, make changes as we go, and get you to your end result as quickly as we can. We can always add on additional weeks if you feel like you need more than 8 weeks, or we can have a “refresher” consult later on, if you need to just talk through a small issue or two.

With the one-time consultations, that would be more ideal for someone who just wants me to provide them with a conversation and feedback about something very specific. With any of the consultations/packages, I would first do a free 30min assessment call to ensure that this is the path you indeed what to take. You can click HERE to set up a date and time that works best for you!

Weekly Rate


  * One hour phone/video call to discuss the issues you’re having (does not include a written plan or any  follow up calls or emails)

4 Week Package
(1x/wk consults)


* Questionnaire
* 90min initial consultation and plan introduction
* 4 weekly 1hr follow up calls
* Weekly follow up emails

6 Week Package
(1x/wk consults)



* Questionnaire
* 90min initial consultation and plan introduction
* 6 weekly 1hr follow up calls
* Weekly follow up emails

8 Week Package
(1x/wk consults)


* Questionnaire
* 90min initial consultation and plan introduction
* 8 weekly 1hr follow up calls
* Weekly follow up emails

Not only am I a life coach, but I’m also a health coach, business coach, nutrition coach, sleep coach, parenting coach, lactation counselor, infant massage educator, and mama of 4 children. While some of these topics might be covered briefly in a life coach’s training, I’ve actually be separately certified in each of these categories. This means that I have a lot of training in these areas, and I am more than skilled to help you in any area of your life that needs changing. So it’s more than alright if your life coaching sessions also include conversations about your diet, sleep, career, parenting skills, etc! My job is to help you understand what in your life is keeping you from your happiest life and then help you get where you want to be in a healthy way!

So if you’re ready to make some changes in your life, then let’s get on a call and chat about it! Again, it’s a free initial assessment call that will help me understand what your needs are, and I will explain how I could help you. Let’s make this the year that you feel like you have direction in your life and are excited to reach your goals and dreams!