Although I wholeheartedly believe that sleep issues should be handled by fixing the root causes, I do understand that sometimes people need a “quick fix”. Sometimes this “quick fix” is used by itself, but oftentimes (to be the most successful) it’s simultaneously accompanied by work in other areas.

Because I realize that many people are often looking for help with ways to settle their mind before bed, I have decided to endorse and recommend the following company, CBDPure. I’ve done a lot of careful research on many different companies, and I have found this one to be one of the best companies! CBDPure has both oils and soft gels, as well as creams for external use and even a line for pet anxiety!

Many people believe that CBD oil has helped them with pain, being anxious before bed, falling asleep, and even staying asleep. The most common side effects noted for any brand of CBD oil is diarrhea and fatigue. Be sure to check the side effects of any of the products listed below, or any others you may purchase on your own.

*Please note that these products DO contain trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%), in case you have a job where you may get randomly drug tested. If this is the case for you, you might consider hemp products. I have a few recommendations for these below the CBDPure brand (note: the hemp products below state that they do NOT contain any CBD). Of course, you should always do your own research to ensure your getting a product that you feel would work best for you (or your pet)!

***Please note that Sleeptastic Solutions is an Amazon and CBDPure affiliate. These products have been hand-picked by Sleeptastic Solutions, as trusted products that they approve of and are often recommended to clients. The manufacturers of these products are not paying Sleeptastic Solutions for their endorsements, but there will be a small payment made to Sleeptastic Solutions if a product is purchased. Of course, the goal of this page is to provide clients with solutions to common issues, and to be a source of information for people looking for recommendations.

Please note that choosing any of these products does not mean that you or your child will have automatic sleep success, feel less anxiety, have a better diet, etc; however, these products are known to be an accompaniment to getting better sleep, looking, and feeling your best. Be sure to contact me ASAP if you’d like to set up a time for a free initial consultation!