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I understand that sometimes cost is a factor, as well as timing. Also, some people prefer to learn on your own, and implement what they feel comfortable with and at their own pace. For these types of folks, I have 3 different options!

*Please note that clicking on any of the links below you will be taken to the “learn” website, which is a second Sleeptastic website.

1) DIY Courses – I have lots of “do-it-yourself” (DIY) courses over on the Sleeptastic Solutions learning website! This is where you can choose a course topic you’re interested in, sign up by purchasing the course, then start learning immediately. There are a series of video courses that will not only educate you, but they will walk you through exactly what you need to do in order to be successful. With these DIY courses, you will get lifetime access to the video lessons, course documents, and a private Facebook group just for clients such as yourself to ask questions along the way!

2) Group Courses – Beginning January 2020, I will be running all-year-round group courses! Basically, I take the DIY course videos and put them into a closed Facebook group, where we will work on that topic as a group. You will have one month to watch the 10-14 video lessons (different based on group type) and ask all the questions you want! There will be an expert in the group, as well as other parents also taking the group course. Each course has its own Facebook group, so you will only be talking with parents of children and issues similar to yourself (ie you’re all working on sleep training for Babies aged 5mos-3yrs).

When you visit the Group Courses page, you will see all of the current available group course options (currently limited to children’s sleep and parenting solutions – more to be added later). As with the DIY courses, you will get lifetime access to the video lessons, course documents, and a private Facebook group (different than the one we use during the group coaching month – no expert in this group) when the course wraps up!

3) “All Things Sleep: Kids!” e-book – This is an easy-to-read, easy-to-implement book that talks about sleep, schedules, the different types of sleep training, and much more! It’s a nice way for you to be able to learn about sleep without the stress and with a very small investment. You can purchase this book as the “Basic Package“, as it comes with a few extra documents. This book is also included in the DIY and group courses, as well as when you work with me directly as a client.

**If you’re not sure if you should choose a DIY or group course, you can click HERE to learn the differences between the two!**