Alisyn from Florida

I decided to call Ronee when I finished reading yet another “sleep” book. Each book, blog, support group, peer and yes…even strangers’ advice ALL contradicted each other. The difference in opinions and styles of sleep training had me completely confused if and where to begin this crazy journey. I knew I needed someone who was going to walk me step by step through the process and help me as difficulties came up. I knew I also needed someone who was going to be patient and kind and who was going to listen to me. Ronee was all that and more! I loved the fact that she has a background in infant/child development and is a certified lactation specialist. Ronee helped easily guide me through this thing called “sleep training”. It was huge knowing she was just a phone call or text message away. She helped give me the confidence needed to assist my baby girl to get the sleep she was lacking. Since Ronee’s help I have gained my nights back to get things done and spend time with my husband! I can now officially say that my daughter is a wonderful sleeper!!! She has been so happy now that she is getting the sleep she needs! I will definitely be reaching out to Ronee as things come up in the future. If you have been thinking about using Ronee as your Sleep Consultant…Just Do It! It will change your life for the better! I promise!

Ashley from Pennsylvania

After being reluctant for months to ask for help with something I thought a mom should be able to figure out by herself, I am more than thrilled I finally did email Ronee! Ronee was able to determine an exact plan and schedule to help get our toddler sleeping through the night again. She was both patient and knowledgeable with every concern/ issue we brought up while developing the schedule. During the sleep training she was somebody that I could rely on to keep me motivated to continue during the bad nights and to give me an extra pat on the back on the great nights. Our toddler is now sleeping through the night again and we are easily able to get him back down when he does occasionally wake up. She was also able to help us get him on a nap schedule that works wonders! I could not be more thankful for having Ronee help us and make our family happy and full of energy again!

Emily from Pennsylvania (3yr old)

Ronee is the best! Our son is 3 years old and ever since the transition to “big boy bed” has wanted to get out of bed often… wants mommy to sit with him until he is asleep…then we would have to sneak out so he didn’t hear us or the cycle would continue.. then waking multiple times a night crying for mom and dad. It lasted months – we tried so many different things, with no avail.

Ronee designed a customized plan for our son that was gentle and gradual…which was comforting to both our son and to us, as parents. We stuck with it and it took time… by the end of the 3 weeks, we do our usual bedtime routine (bath, stories, etc), then tuck him in… kiss goodnight and leave! AH! I am still getting used to it that I don’t have to sit in the room for 30-40 minutes anymore. Free time at night, omg!!! And the wakings in the middle of the night have drastically reduced to 0-1. It is amazing. Ronee makes you feel confident, answers your questions and concerns promptly and has been a lifesaver to our family in more ways than one. THANK YOU, Ronee!

Brittania from Pennsylvania

Ronee really helped me! I was barely sleeping four hours a night at the beginning of this program. After the first week I already noticed improved sleep and feeling more rested. As the weeks progressed not only my sleep improved but my energy too. I felt happier because I was not constantly tired. The goals are easy to understand and follow too. I will definitely be recommending her services to friends.

Kimberlee from Pennsylvania

Ronee took a lot of time to cover everything that needed to be covered. She researched things she needed to know more about and gave me articles as well. I love that the outlined plan is saved for future reference.

Marcy from Delaware

I recently bought the Do It Yourself package from Sleeptastic Solutions and am thrilled that I did! I was looking for a program that I could do myself since I had 2 kids not sleeping well and couldn’t afford personalized help for both. After comparing a few I choose this one mainly because of the email that I would be able to use when I ran into trouble. It made me feel so good knowing that I had someone to ask questions to! I thought the book was very thorough and gave me a lot of great things to try with my kids, which is good because what worked for one didn’t work for the other one! In the end I was able to have my children sleeping through the night, which means that I am now too. We are happy family once again – thank you!

Dana from Pennsylvania

My husband and I attended the Breastfeeding and Sleep one-on-one sessions in the comfort of our own home.  There was A LOT of information.  So much that it was a bit overwhelming IN A GOOD WAY!  There wasn’t any fear that we wouldn’t retain all the information because we knew that we would be receiving all the information shortly after the session completed.  I get to refer back to all the information at my leisure, but it was extremely useful to have it explained and have the ability to ask questions as soon as I thought of them.  Highly recommend!

Sage from Pennsylvania

Isn’t it funny how we, as parents, focus on our baby’s sleep? Other parents ask us if our baby is a good sleeper; we read books about positive sleep habits; we invest in items like swings, bouncers, and rockers to help our little one sleep; and, we know that, when our baby is cranky and crying, it is often because she is over-tired. However, for as much as we care about our baby’s sleep and pay attention to our baby’s sleep, we fail to do so for ourselves. Why is this?! We, as parents, realize that our children are cranky, tired, and more likely to get sick when they are not getting enough sleep; yet, we fail to make the same association for ourselves and we fail at making sure we get enough sleep. After a full year of feeling run-down, tired, and honestly a little sad, I finally said, “Enough is enough. I NEED sleep. I cannot get through one more week without it.”

My daughter was 12 months old, she was still nursing every 1-2 hours at night (and during the day), she would only sleep in her swing or in bed with me, AND I had a three year old to take care of during the day. Let’s talk about insanity! After interviewing a couple sleep consultants (and reading reviews like this), my husband and I decided to give Ronee’s Sleeptastic services a try. Well, guess what? It’s been two weeks and my daughter now goes to bed around the same time every night, sleeps for 11-12 hours straight in her crib without so much as a peep, and takes regular, long naps! Even better? I am no longer trapped in the house every night by my darling breastfeeding baby; my husband and I have started going on dates again! Believe me- staying in and going to bed to sleep all night long with no interruptions is also a glorious feeling! Dear mother or father who is reading this, stop putting yourself last. You really do deserve sleep, too; and, you truly will feel like a brand-new, happier, energized person when you get it. The best part is- it’s achievable. You would hire a personal trainer if you were struggling to meet your fitness goals, right? It’s time to hire a sleep consultant to meet your sleep goals. Your baby will thank you for it, too; a full night’s sleep feels good to EVERYONE. One more thing- I believe in attachment parenting. This is probably why I waited a whole year to contact Ronee; I was so afraid of letting my baby cry and had heard horror stories about the damages of sleep training.

Sleeptastic Solutions is NOT the type of sleep training one needs to fear. Our sleep plan actually involved us comforting our daughter every step of the way through presence, touch, and verbal reassurance. Yes, there was a little bit of crying; but, parenting comes with crying- my daughter also cries when she receives vaccinations, when I am tending to her older brother and cannot pick her up that exact moment, and even when I am changing her diaper at times. I am not going to stop doing all of these healthy and normal things because she cries. Do not let the fear of a little crying prevent you from seeking out a wonderful resource to help your family have better nights and, consequently, better days! Ronee is just amazing at what she does. She is confident, well-spoken, organized, kind, helpful, and truly cares about the well-being of your child. I recommend her a thousand times over to anyone struggling because their child is not sleeping. In fact, my husband calls Ronee’s sleep services the “best money he has ever spent”. Call and make a consultation today; thank me later!


~Sage, PA

Maria from Pennsylvania

We loved working with Ronee! Our son Matthew was 10mos old when we first reached out to her. We had been struggling with his sleeping since about 6mos old. Matthew would wake up anywhere from 6-13x a night! I had read many books and tried a variety of strategies, but I felt like nothing was working. Ronee was able to create a plan and support us through it. I’m not gonna lie, it was definitely tough… But it was so worth it! Now Matthew sleeps through the night for about 10-11hrs straight! He’s happier and well rested… And so are we!
~Maria, PA

Karen from Pennsylvania

Starting this program, my son was still nursing to sleep and if he woke throughout the night he needed to be nursed back to sleep. This became a concern to us since we have baby #2 coming in a few months. Working with Ronee, we decided to transition him to a “big boy” twin bed at the same time.  We never would’ve imagined this would happen in 10 days!  Of course we were met with toddler rebellion, but Ronee gave us the knowledge and, more importantly, the confidence to see it through in a way that we were comfortable with. We
wanted to make sure the process was not traumatic for our little guy! Sure there were some tears along the way at the beginning, but they quickly turned to tears of joy! Thanks Ronee!


~Karen, PA