Demi from Pennsylvania (5mo old)

My baby Vinny sleeps so much better for naps now! He was a complete swing addict but with patience and consistency he weaned off the swing completely and now does all naps and night sleep in his crib! Ronee knows the inns and outs of sleep! Highly recommend!

Ashley from Pennsylvania

After being reluctant for months to ask for help with something I thought a mom should be able to figure out by herself, I am more than thrilled I finally did email Ronee! Ronee was able to determine an exact plan and schedule to help get our toddler sleeping through the night again. She was both patient and knowledgeable with every concern/ issue we brought up while developing the schedule. During the sleep training she was somebody that I could rely on to keep me motivated to continue during the bad nights and to give me an extra pat on the back on the great nights. Our toddler is now sleeping through the night again and we are easily able to get him back down when he does occasionally wake up. She was also able to help us get him on a nap schedule that works wonders! I could not be more thankful for having Ronee help us and make our family happy and full of energy again!

Emily from Pennsylvania (3yr old)

Ronee is the best! Our son is 3 years old and ever since the transition to “big boy bed” has wanted to get out of bed often… wants mommy to sit with him until he is asleep…then we would have to sneak out so he didn’t hear us or the cycle would continue.. then waking multiple times a night crying for mom and dad. It lasted months – we tried so many different things, with no avail.

Ronee designed a customized plan for our son that was gentle and gradual…which was comforting to both our son and to us, as parents. We stuck with it and it took time… by the end of the 3 weeks, we do our usual bedtime routine (bath, stories, etc), then tuck him in… kiss goodnight and leave! AH! I am still getting used to it that I don’t have to sit in the room for 30-40 minutes anymore. Free time at night, omg!!! And the wakings in the middle of the night have drastically reduced to 0-1. It is amazing. Ronee makes you feel confident, answers your questions and concerns promptly and has been a lifesaver to our family in more ways than one. THANK YOU, Ronee!

Shari from California (2yr old)

I left a 5-star review [on Facebook] for Ronee 1 & 1/2 years ago because she changed my family’s life for the better by teaching us how to gently get our then baby asleep through the night. Last week I desperately reached out to Ronee to help us again because our now toddler was struggling with sleep again after we got off course when she got sick. We forgot just how effective Ronee’s methods were and we had ourselves convinced that she was older now and just not responding the same way. Wrong!!! Ronee took us through sleep training once again and once again our whole family is sane and rested and smiling. So happy I had Ronee to lean on and pull us out of a rut. For us, and I think most people, sleep deprivation is just horrible and affects our lives in such a negative way. Ronee got us out of a deep, dark cloud and brought us back in the light. In just a few short days!! Thank you to the moon Ronee!!! We are grateful beyond words.   

Meghan from Tennessee

I have twin girls that are 17 months old and hardly slept! One wouldn’t sleep unless she was in bed with us, and the other would sleep in her bed till around 2ish then wanted in bed with us. I really was skeptical to go purchase a package for sleep training. I questioned myself so many times after I purchased the package, and all the way up to the day we started putting the new schedule into action. It was no where near as hard as I expected! Don’t get me wrong, my baby girls were not happy about the new schedule and routine. One twin took to it fast though. Within the first couple days she was sleeping all night. The other one on the other hand tried everything she could to get us to cave. It was hard, not to cave! We stuck to it, and oh my am I happy and jumping for joy that we did! My girls have slept all night from 8pm to 7am for the last week. I hear them occasionally on the monitor now when they wake up, but they don’t even cry anymore they rustle around for a second and go right back to sleep. Never did I think that I would be able to go lay these girls down in their crib and them go to sleep without me in the room, holding them, and rocking them!


~Meghan, TN

Juan from PA (Adult)

As a father of 4 children, trucker, and runner I knew something wasn’t right and that I needed some help when I could only get 4 hour of sleep at the most. I contacted Ronee who helped set me up on a plan and throughout our time we addressed and changed some  behaviors and environmental factors that were hindering getting a good nights sleep. From the weekly calls and check-ins I never felt as though I was being bombarded with too much or having to do a drastic change, everything was structured in a nice and easy flow. I am happy to say that I am now getting 7,8,and sometimes 10 hours of continuous sleep and still work, run, and enjoy time with my family.

Nicole from PA (massage class)

An amazing way to bond with your baby when they aren’t ready to engage with you yet! I loved being able to connect with him and be able to relax him before bed. I like that my husband and I have something we can do together or apart that is consistent with our bedtime routine. This class is a must for any new first-time Mom, lots of info, open discussion, and a great way to bond with your baby!

Michelle from PA (massage class)

I just finished taking the first infant massage series with Ronee Welch and it was a wonderful hour for babies and bonding with other mamas. Highly recommend it!

Hayley from PA (massage class)

I highly recommend this class to all parents with little ones! Ronee is extremely knowledgeable on all of the subject matter, and is great at applying both this knowledge and her experiences into the class in a hands on way. Learning the massage techniques has created a great way to bond with my 3 month old! She absolutely loves it and her sleep habits have already changed for the better! She provides extra information, such as reading behavioral cues, which has been extremely helpful! She is also great at providing a relaxed atmosphere, where moms are comfortable to nurse, while at the same time staying professional and on track with continuing the class! We were sad it had to end!