Shari from California

Ronee helped my husband and I to get our baby on a healthy sleep schedule. We contacted her when we needed guidance in ironing out some tough spots while sleep training. Ronee was so thorough in giving her advice. She knew exactly what to say to assert what needed to be done, while also being supportive and respectful of our situation. She clearly knows this stuff as everything she suggested worked. Our baby is sleeping soooo much better and we finally have some routine and balance in our lives. Ronee was extremely professional, caring and knowledgeable and I’d recommend her to anyone who wants a happier baby!

Jen from North Carolina

I came to Ronee for help when I realized that I couldn’t get my 5 year old out of my room without some help. My son would start out in his bed and end up in our room every night. While he didn’t often wake me up doing so, I knew his sleep was being disturbed. Ronee gave us a great plan to work with and lots of helpful suggestions about what to do if something didn’t go as planned. I loved her flexibility and am so happy we hired her!

Nikki from Georgia (2mo old)

Thanks to you, our little guy is now sleeping 8 hours straight at night! His naps have gotten so much better too, with at least one 2 hour nap each day! I can easily put him down now while he’s still awake and watch as he puts himself to sleep. I’m still amazed that he can do that! You put up with a lot of fears and anxieties from me, which really helped me get through this tough time of not getting enough sleep and being a FTM. But I feel so much better now! My husband also thanks you for giving him his wife back (lol)!

Gia from Pennsylvania (6mos)

Our daughter was 6 months old when our pediatrician said we needed to think about sleep training our baby. She was only sleeping in one, two, if we were lucky, a three hour stretch and we had been trying for two months to transition her from a Rock and Play to her crib. She was also only napping in her swing and was still nursing 3-4 times at night. When I told my doctor I was worried about letting her cry she handed me Ronee’s card. I immediately went home and called her and in just one conversation I felt better. My husband and I met with Ronee to go over our customized plan and we were ready to begin that night. Ronee made a plan based on what I was comfortable with…my daughter took to it so quickly we jumped ahead! Within a day my daughter had weened herself off her night feedings and was putting herself back to sleep without our help. Her daytime naps have helped her tremendously and we haven’t used the swing since! It has been a life changer for us. Ronee helped us to understand, establish and stick to a routine that works for our baby and our comfort level. She adjusts it as needed and is there for you when you have questions. Her support made this a positive experience and I would tell anyone who has a baby that isn’t sleeping to call Ronee because you and your baby need sleep! I am so beyond grateful to Ronee and Sleeptastic Solutions. I’m so glad our doctor recommended Ronee!

Dan & Maureen

“We really enjoyed taking the parenting course with Ronee! My wife and I had very different viewpoints on parenting before we met with Ronee. She was a softie and I thought we should be more firm. The nice part was that we had Ronee to show us the middle ground, where we could both be happy. We learned a lot and our son has really turned a new leaf! He’s listening so much better these days, and we’re not even having to raise our voices. Definitely worth it!”

Marcy from Delaware

I recently bought the Do It Yourself package from Sleeptastic Solutions and am thrilled that I did! I was looking for a program that I could do myself since I had 2 kids not sleeping well and couldn’t afford personalized help for both. After comparing a few I choose this one mainly because of the email that I would be able to use when I ran into trouble. It made me feel so good knowing that I had someone to ask questions to! I thought the book was very thorough and gave me a lot of great things to try with my kids, which is good because what worked for one didn’t work for the other one! In the end I was able to have my children sleeping through the night, which means that I am now too. We are happy family once again – thank you!

Maria from Pennsylvania

We loved working with Ronee! Our son Matthew was 10mos old when we first reached out to her. We had been struggling with his sleeping since about 6mos old. Matthew would wake up anywhere from 6-13x a night! I had read many books and tried a variety of strategies, but I felt like nothing was working. Ronee was able to create a plan and support us through it. I’m not gonna lie, it was definitely tough… But it was so worth it! Now Matthew sleeps through the night for about 10-11hrs straight! He’s happier and well rested… And so are we!
~Maria, PA

Karen from Pennsylvania

Starting this program, my son was still nursing to sleep and if he woke throughout the night he needed to be nursed back to sleep. This became a concern to us since we have baby #2 coming in a few months. Working with Ronee, we decided to transition him to a “big boy” twin bed at the same time.  We never would’ve imagined this would happen in 10 days!  Of course we were met with toddler rebellion, but Ronee gave us the knowledge and, more importantly, the confidence to see it through in a way that we were comfortable with. We
wanted to make sure the process was not traumatic for our little guy! Sure there were some tears along the way at the beginning, but they quickly turned to tears of joy! Thanks Ronee!


~Karen, PA

Alex from South Carolina

This testimonial is from a mom named Alex from South Carolina.  Alex volunteered to be the recipient of a free consultation by me for writer Carly Bellard’s health and wellness blog called “The Puzzled Palate”.  After using the program for 10 days, Alex provided her story exclusively to Carly for posting onto her blog.  This story is based upon Alex’s personal experience, and no one was paid for this heartfelt, funny, and honest review.  The following is just an excerpt from her story, so if you want to read the entire thing (which I highly recommend), please click HERE to be redirected to The Puzzled Palate website!

“..So, here we are. Ten nights deep with no rocking. I’d like to thank our sponsor, Ronee, from Sleeptastic Solutions. Maybe it’s odd I’m comparing our sleep dilemma to a drug addiction. I’m slowly realizing that as I write. But, it’s also making a lot of sense. So stick with me here. At first I felt odd about enlisting the help of a Sleep Counselor, but we had already admitted that we had a problem. The next step is to get help. I was really relieved to read on Ronee’s Sleeptastic Solution website that it’s about customizing a plan for the parents and child. Self-soothing would be involved, but it could be approached differently. I was also relieved to have Ronee offer a 9 PM phone session, so my husband and I could chat together, uninterrupted. Our phone session started out with the rundown: Nugget basics and routine, what we’ve tried before, and where we are derailing. I waited for Ronee to tell us it was too late. We’ve ruined him. Best of luck. Luckily for us, 17-months does not qualify as a lost cause.While she congratulated us on already having a basic routine, the next steps would be harder. He had to learn to put himself to bed. And she knew how to help us in a non-traumatic way.”


~Alex from South Carolina

Erin from Wyoming (Adult)

Working with Ronee provided me with the support and proactive changes I needed to deal with the worst ongoing bout of insomnia of my entire life. I don’t think I could have survived without her! Her strategies for dealing with anxiety were invaluable and ones I will continue to use as part of a permanent lifestyle change. I went from averaging 1-2 hours of sleep a night to 6 hours. Not only did she provide me with the tips and strategies I needed, but she also gave me the research information to back it up. I highly recommend her services to anyone else suffering from insomnia, no matter the underlying causes (which she will help you identify). Thank you so much, Ronee!