Leena from Pennsylvania (prenatal)

My husband and I learned so much about sleep and breastfeeding! We are looking forward to meeting our little one soon and getting to use the things you taught us! Thank you for your guidance!

Erica from Pennsylvania (4mo old)

“On “graduation day” I told Ronee I think she saved my life and I wasn’t being dramatic. When I hired her, my 4 month old would only sleep on me. On nights I tried to put her in her crib, bedtime would take 3-4 hours and I was left an exhausted, crying anxious mess. I felt so lost and so, against my husband’s wishes, I hired a sleep coach (he was skeptical). Now 3 weeks later, he agrees it was one of the best decisions ever. Our daughter is FINALLY on a great schedule and sleeps happily in her crib. Ronee was kind and supportive during even my toughest moments and helped us achieve this in a way with which we felt comfortable and was developmentally appropriate for our daughter. She rocks!!!”

Jenna from NJ (6yo boy)

It was so nice working with Ronee to get my little boy feeling good about staying in his room all night by himself. He always said he was scared and would end up in my room by 2am. It was putting a strain on our relationship, because I was often feeling angry about fighting him at bedtime, only to find him kicking me 6 hours later in my bed. Thank you so much for all of your help!

Ashley from Pennsylvania (10mo old)

Sleeptastic Solutions changed our lives. Our sweet 10 month old daughter was in the habit of nursing to sleep and would also wake many times in the night, needing to nurse back to sleep. After trying some sleep training methods on our own with no success, we had just accepted this as part of having an infant. We were amazed when after 2 nights of Sleeptastic Solutions our daughter slept in her own room for 12 hours straight without a peep. Commitment to our sleep plan has created an environment for her where she can get the rest she needs and wake each morning happy and energized. Needless, to say we are also beyond happy and energized!

Kate from British Columbia, Canada

“Ronee gave me a lot of information that really helped me see that I wasn’t eating the best foods right now. I had no idea that there were foods that could actually help me to get pregnant, certain foods to eat at different times throughout the month, foods I should stay away from, etc. I definitely learned a lot about vitamins that can help me both get pregnant and with a few different health issues I have. I now have a better understanding of how carbs, fats, and proteins work too. And I also enjoyed learning about what I can do to relieve stress and sleep better! I’m hoping I will become pregnant any day now!”

Patricia from Pennsylvania (5mo old)

My husband and I always assumed that our son just wasn’t a good napper/sleeper. People told us, “he’s just a baby,” “it will get better when he’s older,” or “he’s just hungry.” Well it got to a point (around 5 months) where I wasn’t sleeping more than 2 hours at a time, he was waking up anywhere from 2-6 times a night, and he was taking 4 short naps a day. We decided to hire Ronee after a referral and phone consult, and we never looked back. Our son proved to be pretty difficult, but Ronee was there to support us through every step of sleep training (I could not have mentally done sleep training without her support… I was too overwhelmed and sleep deprived myself ). We had great means of communication, and I always felt that she knew exactly what to do/suggest. We had some rough nights, but now our little guy is taking great naps & sleeping much better at night. He’s still a work in progress, but we feel more confident in what we need to do to help him sleep better!

Tiffany from Pennsylvania (6mo old)

“Because of this fantastic woman, my daughter and I get a full nights sleep! I’d highly recommend giving her a call if you need help getting your child to sleep!”

Lauren from South Carolina

Working with Ronee was great! She was very knowledgeable about sleep and breastfeeding and even eased my mind about CIO. My daughter was barely 4 months old when we started and was getting up every 2 hours at night, taking forever to get back to sleep, and taking terrible naps. Ronee gave us a plan that was gentle to start with, and then she gave us another plan of action when my daughter wasn’t adjusting fast enough to the first. I loved that I had her there to help us figure out what worked best for our little girl. I would have never been able to stick with it without her encouragement. After a couple of weeks, our daughter was getting up just once a night for a feed and taking much better naps during the day. I finally feel like I have my life back, and I have a happy little girl!

Melissa from Pennsylvania (2yr old)

Ronee was an amazing resource as we worked to get out VERY strong willed two year old sleeping in her own room and through the night. Her approach was gentle – for my daughter AND for me – and her constant support by phone and email was very reassuring. I highly recommend her services to any parent looking to create better sleep habits for their kids (and themselves!). She is worth every penny!!!

Jillian from Pennsylvania (4mo old)

My 4 month old was sleeping through the night but would not take naps! Ronee helped us with a schedule and it’s like night and day. He takes 3 naps a day and is such a happier baby! Thank you Ronee!!