Dan & Maureen

“We really enjoyed taking the parenting course with Ronee! My wife and I had very different viewpoints on parenting before we met with Ronee. She was a softie and I thought we should be more firm. The nice part was that we had Ronee to show us the middle ground, where we could both be happy. We learned a lot and our son has really turned a new leaf! He’s listening so much better these days, and we’re not even having to raise our voices. Definitely worth it!”

Kate from British Columbia, Canada

“Ronee gave me a lot of information that really helped me see that I wasn’t eating the best foods right now. I had no idea that there were foods that could actually help me to get pregnant, certain foods to eat at different times throughout the month, foods I should stay away from, etc. I definitely learned a lot about vitamins that can help me both get pregnant and with a few different health issues I have. I now have a better understanding of how carbs, fats, and proteins work too. And I also enjoyed learning about what I can do to relieve stress and sleep better! I’m hoping I will become pregnant any day now!”

Tiffany from Florida

“After having my son about 8 months ago, I just couldn’t lose the weight and felt pretty “blah”. I knew I wasn’t eating the best, but I didn’t know how to change it or what to eat instead. Ronee taught me how to eat healthier while keeping up my breastfeeding supply, which has resulted in my losing 5lbs over the past month! The best part is that I wasn’t even trying! It was a great bonus, but I really just enjoyed making the changes and feeling better. I really liked learning about meal planning and have found it to be a huge help in my eating better! I also find myself checking labels all the time, now that I know what I’m looking for. This was a great 6 weeks for me! I’m excited to keep this up and continue losing weight in a healthy way!”

Meghan from Pennsylvania

“Working with Ronee during a complicated pregnancy was very helpful. She gave lots of great insight into choices and changes I could make that would benefit both myself and my growing babies. I like that even though I have a lot of “issues,” she never made me feel uncomfortable talking about them, and happily gave suggestions unique to my circumstances.”

Nikki from Georgia (2mo old)

Thanks to you, our little guy is now sleeping 8 hours straight at night! His naps have gotten so much better too, with at least one 2 hour nap each day! I can easily put him down now while he’s still awake and watch as he puts himself to sleep. I’m still amazed that he can do that! You put up with a lot of fears and anxieties from me, which really helped me get through this tough time of not getting enough sleep and being a FTM. But I feel so much better now! My husband also thanks you for giving him his wife back (lol)!

Samantha from Pennsylvania (5wk old)

Thank you so much for the great sleep information you provided to us! I wasn’t sure if the “prenatal package” would be good for us since our little girl was already born, but clearly it was. After working on some of the things we talked about, she went from sleeping 1-2 hour blocks at night to sleeping 5-6! She also can sleep more than 45 minutes at a time for naps! And the best part is that there was little to no crying! It was also so helpful that you did a breastfeeding consult while you were here. I had no idea her latch wasn’t that right and that’s why it was still a bit painful to nurse. Things are feeling much better now that we got that taken care of. We couldn’t be more thrilled with everything, so thank you again!

Leena from Pennsylvania (prenatal)

My husband and I learned so much about sleep and breastfeeding! We are looking forward to meeting our little one soon and getting to use the things you taught us! Thank you for your guidance!

Erica from Pennsylvania (4mo old)

“On “graduation day” I told Ronee I think she saved my life and I wasn’t being dramatic. When I hired her, my 4 month old would only sleep on me. On nights I tried to put her in her crib, bedtime would take 3-4 hours and I was left an exhausted, crying anxious mess. I felt so lost and so, against my husband’s wishes, I hired a sleep coach (he was skeptical). Now 3 weeks later, he agrees it was one of the best decisions ever. Our daughter is FINALLY on a great schedule and sleeps happily in her crib. Ronee was kind and supportive during even my toughest moments and helped us achieve this in a way with which we felt comfortable and was developmentally appropriate for our daughter. She rocks!!!”

Gia from Pennsylvania (6mos)

Our daughter was 6 months old when our pediatrician said we needed to think about sleep training our baby. She was only sleeping in one, two, if we were lucky, a three hour stretch and we had been trying for two months to transition her from a Rock and Play to her crib. She was also only napping in her swing and was still nursing 3-4 times at night. When I told my doctor I was worried about letting her cry she handed me Ronee’s card. I immediately went home and called her and in just one conversation I felt better. My husband and I met with Ronee to go over our customized plan and we were ready to begin that night. Ronee made a plan based on what I was comfortable with…my daughter took to it so quickly we jumped ahead! Within a day my daughter had weened herself off her night feedings and was putting herself back to sleep without our help. Her daytime naps have helped her tremendously and we haven’t used the swing since! It has been a life changer for us. Ronee helped us to understand, establish and stick to a routine that works for our baby and our comfort level. She adjusts it as needed and is there for you when you have questions. Her support made this a positive experience and I would tell anyone who has a baby that isn’t sleeping to call Ronee because you and your baby need sleep! I am so beyond grateful to Ronee and Sleeptastic Solutions. I’m so glad our doctor recommended Ronee!

Diana from PA (parenting sessions)

Love & Logic has been such a blessing for our family! It has given us a fresh start. We have learned healthier techniques to manage bad behavior, that actually work and leaves both parent and child feeling like they have won! I highly recommend this class for any parent who feels defeated and frustrated and plain exhausted; needing a fresh start.

 Ronee was so supportive and resourceful with every lesson. I left feeling confident. I even looked forward to my children’s bad behaviors, just so we could practice the skills we learned. We are still a work in progress, but we are in a better place now then a few weeks ago. Thank you so much. I wish I knew about this program years ago!