Kelly from Pennsylvania

Thank you so much for the awesome information in the prenatal breastfeeding and sleeping class! I loved that we got to see all the info in the plans in a presentation format, where you could explain things to us and we could ask questions. It was super helpful and I can’t wait to use the info when my little one arrives in a few months!

Samantha from Pennsylvania (5wk old)

Thank you so much for the great sleep information you provided to us! I wasn’t sure if the “prenatal package” would be good for us since our little girl was already born, but clearly it was. After working on some of the things we talked about, she went from sleeping 1-2 hour blocks at night to sleeping 5-6! She also can sleep more than 45 minutes at a time for naps! And the best part is that there was little to no crying! It was also so helpful that you did a breastfeeding consult while you were here. I had no idea her latch wasn’t that right and that’s why it was still a bit painful to nurse. Things are feeling much better now that we got that taken care of. We couldn’t be more thrilled with everything, so thank you again!

Leena from Pennsylvania (prenatal)

My husband and I learned so much about sleep and breastfeeding! We are looking forward to meeting our little one soon and getting to use the things you taught us! Thank you for your guidance!

Dana from Pennsylvania

My husband and I attended the Breastfeeding and Sleep one-on-one sessions in the comfort of our own home.  There was A LOT of information.  So much that it was a bit overwhelming IN A GOOD WAY!  There wasn’t any fear that we wouldn’t retain all the information because we knew that we would be receiving all the information shortly after the session completed.  I get to refer back to all the information at my leisure, but it was extremely useful to have it explained and have the ability to ask questions as soon as I thought of them.  Highly recommend!