Jennifer from Pennsylvania

Thank you so much for your help and guidance, Ronee! Our baby was 11 weeks when we started the program. My daughter wouldn’t sleep unless she was with me and it was getting tiring. Once we learned how to make some changes in what we were doing with her, she quickly understood and started sleeping on her own more and more. It was so nice to be able to leave her with my husband and mother and go to the gym, grocery shopping, or just take a shower in peace knowing she would be able to put herself to sleep and stay asleep for longer than 20mins. It was wonderful so thanks!

Erica from Pennsylvania (4mo old)

“On “graduation day” I told Ronee I think she saved my life and I wasn’t being dramatic. When I hired her, my 4 month old would only sleep on me. On nights I tried to put her in her crib, bedtime would take 3-4 hours and I was left an exhausted, crying anxious mess. I felt so lost and so, against my husband’s wishes, I hired a sleep coach (he was skeptical). Now 3 weeks later, he agrees it was one of the best decisions ever. Our daughter is FINALLY on a great schedule and sleeps happily in her crib. Ronee was kind and supportive during even my toughest moments and helped us achieve this in a way with which we felt comfortable and was developmentally appropriate for our daughter. She rocks!!!”

Lauren from South Carolina

Working with Ronee was great! She was very knowledgeable about sleep and breastfeeding and even eased my mind about CIO. My daughter was barely 4 months old when we started and was getting up every 2 hours at night, taking forever to get back to sleep, and taking terrible naps. Ronee gave us a plan that was gentle to start with, and then she gave us another plan of action when my daughter wasn’t adjusting fast enough to the first. I loved that I had her there to help us figure out what worked best for our little girl. I would have never been able to stick with it without her encouragement. After a couple of weeks, our daughter was getting up just once a night for a feed and taking much better naps during the day. I finally feel like I have my life back, and I have a happy little girl!

Jillian from Pennsylvania (4mo old)

My 4 month old was sleeping through the night but would not take naps! Ronee helped us with a schedule and it’s like night and day. He takes 3 naps a day and is such a happier baby! Thank you Ronee!!

Nikki from Georgia (2mo old)

Thanks to you, our little guy is now sleeping 8 hours straight at night! His naps have gotten so much better too, with at least one 2 hour nap each day! I can easily put him down now while he’s still awake and watch as he puts himself to sleep. I’m still amazed that he can do that! You put up with a lot of fears and anxieties from me, which really helped me get through this tough time of not getting enough sleep and being a FTM. But I feel so much better now! My husband also thanks you for giving him his wife back (lol)!

Andrea from New York

Ronee really helped me with my b/g twins! They were just 8 weeks old when I called her for help. I was exhausted with not only feeding them every few hours but then they wouldn’t sleep much by themselves. One always wanted to be held and the other would only sleep in her rock-n-play. Ronee worked with us to understand newborn sleep and gave us a plan to make immediate changes. It was a gentle plan that helped us move the twins to their own cribs (what we asked for) and get them sleeping on their own. By the end of the program we were down to just one night feed because they stopped waking up for the other ones! To say we were happy is an understatement! I highly recommend Ronee for help with newborns!