NEW! WEBSITE, BRAND & LOGO   I am so excited to be able to share my new website with you! It’s been a long process, but I am proud of what you will see here! As you can see above, our new logo is “Providing healthy sleep solutions for the entire family, as well as providing breastfeeding support to nursing mothers.” I wanted clients of all ages  and genders to feel comfortable with my new site and brand. The “tree” logo is meant to represent a tree of life, if you will. We hold the power in our capable hands to change how we sleep, and I hope to help people achieve that success as much as possible! So please feel free to click around and see what’s changed and what’s been added since you were last here! I still have my FREE tips available at the bottom of every page, and now all of my BLOG posts can be found here!

NEW! TEEN AND ADULT SERVICE I’m so excited to announce these 2 new services! After after nearly 7 months of training and almost 100 hours, I am now a Certified Integrative Adult Sleep Coach! This means that I use a holistic approach to looking at a client’s lifestyle to see how it’s impacting their sleep. Oftentimes, a person’s poor sleep is a result of other underlying factors, such as with their lifestyle or environment, so I take a close look at all of those things and develop a custom plan from there. Whether you’re a teen with problems falling asleep at a reasonable hour, a mom who’s on medication for anxiety and postpartum depression, a dad who’s stress at work makes it difficult for him to fall and stay asleep, or a grandparent who’s on multiple medications and is finding it difficult to get good sleep at night, I can help! Click below to find out how!

NEW! DIY NEWBORNS PACKAGE Continuing on in the Do-It-Yourself installment series, this month I am releasing the DIY Newborn Package! If you have a baby aged 8 weeks through 4 months of age, whom you would like to start “sleep teaching”, then this is the perfect package for you! This e-booklet allows you to teach your baby good sleep hygiene before things get tougher because of using sleep props. This is not sleep training as you know it, but a very gentle approach of teaching good sleep skills to babies who are just starting to develop habits that you might want to change. Click below to find out more about all the DIY packages and to purchase your copy today!