Our daughter was 6 months old when our pediatrician said we needed to think about sleep training our baby. She was only sleeping in one, two, if we were lucky, a three hour stretch and we had been trying for two months to transition her from a Rock and Play to her crib. She was also only napping in her swing and was still nursing 3-4 times at night. When I told my doctor I was worried about letting her cry she handed me Ronee’s card. I immediately went home and called her and in just one conversation I felt better. My husband and I met with Ronee to go over our customized plan and we were ready to begin that night. Ronee made a plan based on what I was comfortable with…my daughter took to it so quickly we jumped ahead! Within a day my daughter had weened herself off her night feedings and was putting herself back to sleep without our help. Her daytime naps have helped her tremendously and we haven’t used the swing since! It has been a life changer for us. Ronee helped us to understand, establish and stick to a routine that works for our baby and our comfort level. She adjusts it as needed and is there for you when you have questions. Her support made this a positive experience and I would tell anyone who has a baby that isn’t sleeping to call Ronee because you and your baby need sleep! I am so beyond grateful to Ronee and Sleeptastic Solutions. I’m so glad our doctor recommended Ronee!