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Meghan from Pennsylvania

“Working with Ronee during a complicated pregnancy was very helpful. She gave lots of great insight into choices and changes I could make that would benefit both myself and my growing babies. I like that even though I have a lot of “issues,” she never made me feel uncomfortable talking about them, and happily gave […]

Tiffany from Florida

“After having my son about 8 months ago, I just couldn’t lose the weight and felt pretty “blah”. I knew I wasn’t eating the best, but I didn’t know how to change it or what to eat instead. Ronee taught me how to eat healthier while keeping up my breastfeeding supply, which has resulted in […]

Kaley from Pennsylvania

“I thought this book was a super easy read that was full of great info! I was wondering what to do about sleep training for my baby, and this book helped me figure out what I need to do. Getting access to the audio files and other documents was a tremendous help for once I started […]

Diana from PA (parenting sessions)

Love & Logic has been such a blessing for our family! It has given us a fresh start. We have learned healthier techniques to manage bad behavior, that actually work and leaves both parent and child feeling like they have won! I highly recommend this class for any parent who feels defeated and frustrated and […]

Breastfeeding and Sleep: Yes, You Can Have Both!

Many expectant moms fear that if they choose to continue breastfeeding their baby, then that means they won’t see a decent night’s sleep for a few years. This is simply not true! Yes, it’s true that babies enjoy eating and sleeping, and that they often go hand-in-hand: baby nurses, then baby sleeps. Feeding your baby […]

Kelsey from Pennsylvania

I purchased the DIY package for newborns to see if I could help my 5 week old son sleep without needing me. I wasn’t sure how it was going to work since I already read a lot of info online, but it really did help! Ronee answered the questions I had, which was a huge relief! […]

Jen from Tennessee

I bought the Do It Yourself package for my 3 year old daughter who was waking and coming into my bedroom at all hours of the night. After the reading the program, I made some changes and started the plan. It was a struggle right in the beginning, because she is a strong-willed child but […]

Kailey & Steve from PA (9yo twin boys)

I am so excited to have found Ronee! When our doctor recommend that we call her, we had no idea what to expect. At 9 years old, I was afraid there was no hope for ever seeing our boys happily go to bed each night and not need us throughout the night. But Ronee reassured […]

Chelsea from Pennsylvania

I highly recommend hiring Ronee to help you if you have a child who is older. Initially I thought I was just going to have to wait until my daughter was in her teens and no longer wanted me to sleep with her before I’d ever see my bed again, but then I found Sleeptastic […]