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Do you have friends telling you that you should try one sleep training method, while your sister’s friend’s cousin is telling you to try another? Or maybe you’ve Googled “sleep training” and found a gazillion different programs, books, and pieces of advice. There’s seriously enough info out there to make your head spin!

My hope is to exchange this stressful scenario with one that you will find to be easy-to-understand and implement. Find out why I believe this book is a must-have for any parent with a child aged 0-12 years old by watching my short video! 

This e-book is jam-packed with information parents can use now and in the future! It’s a quick and easy read for parents who are tired, don’t have time (nor the desire) to read too much, and want something that will give them solutions to their child’s sleep issues!


All parents are concerned about the amount of crying their child may do during sleep training (and rightfully so), but not all sleep training methods are cry-it-out ones. Besides finding out about all the sleep training methods, you’ll also find out about stress levels. What type of stress happens during sleep training and should you worry?


Wondering how to sleep train your child while continuing your breastfeeding journey? How do you keep your supply up if you cut out the night feeds? How do you ensure your child doesn’t lose precious calories during the training but instead transfers those calories to during the day?

Sleep Training Methods

Overwhelmed with all the information out there on sleep training? Tired of hearing about other people’s experiences? How do you know which method is right for your child? Which one will work for you and your partner? I break down each method and it’s pros and cons, based on your child’s temperament, their age, and your parenting style!

Sleep Props

What are sleep props? Feeding to sleep is the #1 sleep prop, but what other ones are there? You might be surprised to find out! Which ones are okay to use? Why are some good and some not? How do you get rid of them so your child can sleep better? It’s all in the book!


Schedules, Routines, and Bedrooms

Find out the importance of having a good daytime schedule, bedtime routine, and having the best bedroom environment you can! Get examples of what daytime schedules look like at different ages and sample bedtime routines, as well as a checklist you can print out to ensure your child’s bedroom has what’s needed.

Bedtime Battles

How do you handle bedtime battles? What if your child is fighting you about everything? How can you avoid the tantrums and meltdowns? How do you respond to the requests for just one more hug or another sip of water? Read the book to find out!

So are you ready to read a book that could possibly change your life? If your ready to not only read about what to do but are ready to make those changes right now, I highly suggest getting a VIP package!

With VIP Gold you'll get lots of helpful files and tons of audio clips with me giving you answers to the most frequently asked questions. With VIP Platinum, you'll get all of that plus access to an awesome members-only forum! You can get my help when you need it most! The monthly subscription ensures that you always have your sleep, breastfeeding, massage, and parenting questions answered when you need to!

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This book is your answer to the age old question of “what sleep training program is going to work best for MY family”? It’s time to stop listening to all your friends and family, stop reading all those Facebook blogs, and taking advice from complete strangers!


Build your confidence, become educated about sleep and other important parenting topics that ultimately affect your child’s sleep, and be ready for change in the time it takes you to read this awesome e-book!

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Kaley from Pennsylvania

"I thought this book was a super easy read that was full of great info! I was wondering what to do about sleep training for my baby, and this book helped me figure out what I need to do. Getting access to the audio files and other documents was a tremendous help for...

Kelsey from Pennsylvania

I purchased the DIY package for newborns to see if I could help my 5 week old son sleep without needing me. I wasn't sure how it was going to work since I already read a lot of info online, but it really did help! Ronee answered the questions I had, which was a huge...

Jen from Tennessee

I bought the Do It Yourself package for my 3 year old daughter who was waking and coming into my bedroom at all hours of the night. After the reading the program, I made some changes and started the plan. It was a struggle right in the beginning, because she is a...

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Hi! My name is Ronee Welch, and I am the founder and CEO of Sleeptastic Solutions. I am a certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Integrative Adult Sleep Coach, Lactation Counselor, Educator of Infant Massage, Infant and Child Mental Health Professional, and a Facilitator of the Love & Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!® curricula. I have a dual bachelor’s degree in both Marketing and Management. I’m also the Eastern Regional Director (USA) for the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants.


I am also happily married and have 4 lovely children. Their ages range from preschooler through teenager, with a set of identical twins in the middle. Life is chaotic but fun! My children have always been my inspiration and driving force. Like many parents, I’ve struggled with their sleep, breastfeeding, and behavioral issues. My goal in writing this book is to help other parents not make the same mistakes that I did. I love helping other parents and children!