The Sleeptastic Solutions mission is to educate adults and children on the importance of sleep, nutrition, breastfeeding, exercise, good parenting practices, and overall good health. I work closely with families to provide holistic, gentle solutions to common issues with my one-on-one private packages, as well as offering online courses for those who don’t need as much support. Free initial calls are always available to talk about your unique situation, so contact me today to set it up!


My name is Ronee Welch, and I am the owner of Sleeptastic Solutions. My #1 goal is to help parents with as many topics as possible as they travel through their parenthood journey. Because of this goal, I am continually updating my own personal education so I may stay up-to-date and relevant to my clients. Currently, I am certified in/as:

-Pediatric Sleep Consultant (specializing in twins; for infants, children, and teens)

-Integrative Adult Sleep Coach (a combination of holistic and cognitive behavioral therapy for insomniacs “CBT-I”)

-Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach

-Holistic Nutrition Coach (specializing in prenatal, postnatal, and family nutrition)

-Lactation Counselor (CLC)

-Parenting Coach (a love and boundaries approach for children of any age)

-Infant Massage Instructor (CEIM)

Postpartum Doula

-Holistic Business Coach

-Infant and Child Mental Health

I also have a dual bachelor’s degree in both Marketing (BS) and Management (BA) from DeSales University in Pennsylvania. I’m the Eastern Regional Director (USA) and board member for the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, which is an international association made up of sleep professionals from around the world. I’ve recently finished the requirements to sit for the International Board of Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) exam and am awaiting the exam dates.

I am married with 4 children, 1 dog, 2 bunnies, and about 30 fish in an outdoor pond, here in the Lehigh Valley (PA). It was my middle two children (identical twins) who started me on my journey to become a sleep consultant. After being very lucky with my first daughter’s sleeping, I was not so lucky with my twin girls. At just about 7mos old I implemented sleep training with them, and it was a process to say the least. One twin was pretty good with it, but the other one was an absolute mess (you can read more about my journey in my Why I Became A Sleep Consultant blog)!

But within a few weeks, I had 2 babies sleeping 12hrs straight at night and taking (2) 1.5hr naps during the day. Life was definitely good after that, but getting to that point was not so easy. The struggle I had with the one twin, led me to want to help other frustrated parents get answers quickly so that they could be successful in a shorter amount of time. I also enjoyed the benefits of “sleep teaching” my newborn son, so I’m also passionate about teaching parents-to-be about good sleep hygiene. Click here to find out more about my infant and child sleep services!

My struggle with breastfeeding my 3 daughters is what led me to want to first become a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC). I was lucky enough to finally have success with my son and exclusively breastfed him until 10mos. It was such a tough process, and there was so much I had wished I knew before having my girls, that it prompted me to want to help other mamas with their struggles. Breastfeeding is so much more than the actual process! For instance, I love sharing with moms about how the microbes in breast milk help to shape our babies’ guts and immune systems! Click here to find out more about my breastfeeding services or sign up to take my comprehensive breastfeeding course!

My journey with wanting to help teens and adults with their sleep stems from the overwhelming amount of adults I meet with sleep issues. I was amazed at how many people do not sleep well! I am happy to now be able to use a combination of holistic and cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-I) approaches to help everyone and anyone with their sleep struggles! Click here to find out more!

When it came to understanding why an adult isn’t sleep well, it was quickly evident to me that the issues went way beyond the sleep problem itself. This is why I certified in health, nutrition, lifestyle, and business coaching! The food/drink you put in your body, the exercise you do or don’t do, the stress you’re under, your relationships, and more are all things that directly impact your sleep. Reversely, your sleep can also affect these other aspects of your life too. I love being able to help people get to the root causes of their issues and not just put band aids on them! Learn more about my health coaching, nutrition coaching (including preconception, prenatal, postnatal/family eating), lifestyle coaching, or business coaching packages (for parents with small businesses), then set up a free call to chat about it!

My son was a tough cookie as a preschooler. Instead of growing out of the “terrible 2s and 3s”, he seemed to have gotten worse! I quickly learned that I needed to stop trying to change my son, and I needed to change what I was doing. I began doing tons of research and eventually became a facilitator for the “Love & Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun™” curriculum. But after a few years, I realized that I had even more to offer, so I created my Parenting Solutions package and online course to help parents with real-life examples, printable charts, and with expert help for parents’ unique situation! I created this program so that parents had loving, realistic solutions to everyday struggles.  Click here to find out more about both the private package, as well as the online course!

Being a parent myself, I realize how important relationships and bonding with our children are. I understand the hesitations parents have about “cry-it-out”, toxic stress, increased cortisol levels, and really about all facets of sleep training in general. Because of this, I wanted to ensure I knew and understood the risks and benefits of sleep training and other events that happen in a child’s young life. This is why I chose to certify in infant and child mental health! I feel that it’s an extremely important topic for all educators to be aware of. This certification allows me to feel confident in the services I provide to my clients, and I hope it allows parents to feel better about their decisions, as well.

I am happy to be able to also add infant massage to my list of services! It’s such a wonderful feeling watching parents bond with their babies during our classes! There are so many benefits with massaging your child or children, including better sleep, digestive help, boosts immune system, improves skin condition, relieves colic and gas symptoms, helps with teething pains, and much more! I love being able to teach parents (both in person or virtually) yet another skill that will last a lifetime! Click here to find out more about my infant massage classes, one-on-one services, and online course!

Last but not least, I am certified as a Postpartum Doula, a service truly like no other! I feel like it’s the missing piece of the puzzle for my business. If you’re unfamiliar with what a PP doula does, you’ll definitely want to check out the PP Doula page to learn more! But in short it’s all about education, nurturing, and support for parents who’ve just had a child (or more)! I offer both in-home support, as well as virtual. It’s a wonderful way for me to be able to answer any questions I can, support families through the sometimes difficult “4th trimester”, and educate parents on a variety of postpartum topics.

As you can see, my life experiences may have started me on this wonderful journey, but it’s my dedication to continuing education that has allowed Sleeptastic Solutions to grow and evolve. Let me help you gain the same successes as I have been afforded over the years! I have the skills and knowledge to help you and your entire family be as healthy as they can throughout the years, from pregnancy through adulthood! Click here to set up your free 15min phone assessment to find out more! And don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram! You can also check out my free resources too!